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Bluetooth Jewelry That’s Fashionable and Functional

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Bluetooth Jewelry That’s Fashionable and Functional

With the Bluetooth ORB now several years late on their estimated launch date, you might be tired of waiting for a bluetooth ring / headset that’s beautiful only in computer generated graphcis. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of other bluetooth jewelry options for you, all of which are fashionable, functional, and better yet, currently available for purchase on Amazon. Some options we’ve found include a bluetooth necklace that functions as headphones, an inexpensive yet beautiful smart watch that you can answer calls with, a gorgeous bluetooth gemstone ring, and a practical yet fashion friendly smart bracelet that will monitor your heart and your phone.

We checked the reviews for you and included only those with 4 stars or higher. Now all you have to do now is find the one you like!

Bluetooth Necklace Headphones

bluetooth jewelry necklace

Want something that’s pretty and functional? This company, Usee Tech, has bluetooth wireless headphones that definitely meet that requirement. They have several pendants and designs to choose from including a new Rasta Raggae one, beautiful crosses, large hearts, elegant starfish and beaded dangles. They have more designs coming out as well and all designs are fashionable, fresh and unique. They use custom made materials, such as coral blush shell pearls and crystal glass for their starfish pendants. They work with your Apple or Android device up to 30 feet away and include a microphone for answering calls. This headset necklace includes noise-cancelling technology, and three pairs of soft gel ear tips. They can be worn as just a necklace or as a headset, your choice. You can find them on Amazon from $42 and up.

Ringly Bluetooth Smart Ring

bluetooth jewelry ringly

Looking for something more like the Bluetooth ORB? Nothing will ever likely match it, but this ring may come close. Ringly allows you to connect to your phone via bluetooth and receive notifications of calls, messages, and more. The ring vibrates when you get a call or message and lights up in one of four patterns and five color choices that you customize through their app. They have several gemstones to choose from and all are hand cut and beautiful. This bluetooth jewelry ring is especially handy during dinner, meetings, or other times you want to be a part of the conversation and not caught staring at your phone. This bluetooth ring sells fast, but more are always on the way. Ringly works with iOS and Android. You can find it on Amazon for $195.


Yemon Smart Watch

bluetooth jewelry smart watch by lemon

This bluetooth smart watch is not only very inexpensive, it’s very attractive too. These two things are often very hard to find, especially in bluetooth jewelry. With a black band and rose gold / silver or great case it is perfect for men or women. This smart watch is compatible with Android and iPhone, however, with iOS devices it is only partially supported meaning that it doesn’t have all of the function capability that it would with an Android device. Functions include sleep tracker, pedometer, message reminder, bluetooth music playing, lost reminder, G-sensor, clock (of course, it’s a watch), call reminder, answer call, dial a call, remote control and more. It has a built in speaker and microphone allowing you to make calls directly from your wrist and a keyboard to text with. Unlike an Apple Watch, the band cannot be changed, but for the low price of $24.95 I think it’s possible to live with the black band it comes with.

TopSun Bluetooth Smart Bracelet

bluetooth jewelry bracelet

Beautiful and bluetooth bracelet don’t often go hand in hand, as we quickly found out after searching online. We did find this decorative smart bracelet by TopSun that can fit the bill though, thanks to its five different band color choices it looks great with casual or business attire. The swirl of color you can choose from over the light gray backing of the band include blue, red / orange, yellow, gray and black. This smart bracelet can monitor your sleep, heart rate, steps, calories and even remotely operate your phone’s camera. It also has caller ID, time display, an alarm and call reminders. It’s waterproof, and has an OLED display. It’s compatible with both Android and iOS devices. For just $39.98 this bluetooth fitness tracker is affordable enough to buy more than just one if you want to match with all your favorite outfits.


There are plenty of Bluetooth jewelry options available these days so if you’re willing to buy something now, you might be surprised at how good the tech is, especially compared to the technology just a year or two ago. If you choose one of these bluetooth jewelry options above, or another, we hope you’ll share with us in our comments any thing you love or hate about it.