BigCommerce: A User Friendly Take on E-Commerce Integration

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BigCommerce: A User Friendly Take on E-Commerce Integration

BigCommerce: A User Friendly Take on E-Commerce Integration

by Brandy Cross

Ecommerce is where real money is made on the web, but anyone who wants to set up a web store will be faced with confusing technical tasks such as uploading their product catalogue through FTP. Anyone who doesn’t want to use difficult coding must find an e-commerce platform, manager, or plugin that they can integrate into their site. BigCommerce is an e-commerce platform with a variety of subscription options for big and small stores. If you are looking for an e-commerce plugin for your site, here are a couple of reasons you might want to choose BigCommerce.

What is BigCommerce?


BigCommerce is an e-commerce solutions platform, but it is also one of the most flexible on the planet. In addition to offering product sales and imports, the e-commerce platform also works as a full content management system to allow you to design a full website, set up email addresses for a web store, create banners and ads, set up different shipment methods, and even integrate drop shippers and content management systems.

While an e-commerce management platform is not necessary for everyone, and some options including Zen Cart can be used for free, the services and support offered are significantly different from those offered by BigCommerce.

E-Commerce Features

BigCommerce offers a variety of features to help expedite the selling process.  Part of their features include a dedicated CRM (content management system), built in SEO tools, free and built in marketing, the ability to include offers, promotions, and sales in your store and much more.

  • Drop Ship Integration
  • Website & Store Design
  • Domain Name Registration & Supports Subdomains
  • Popular payment gateways including PayPal, MasterCard, Google Checkout & More
  • Customizable Products with Large Images
  • Secure Server, SQL Options
  • Built in Apps and Third Party Apps

Some of the available apps include QuickBooks, Mailchimp, eBay, Google, Doba and more. BigCommerce has a large library of their own apps and are constantly developing more which makes them flexible and easy to use. The company suggests that apps can be used to export sales to accounting software, to add customer loyalty programs, external product imports, and more.

See all of Bigcommerce’s features

Plans and Pricing 

Price plans start out at $25 per month or $300 per year which offers up to 100 products for sale and up to 3 staff members. The most expensive version offers up to 100 staff members with unlimited products but costs $3,600 per year. There are also a range of different subscriptions in varying prices offering different amounts of storage as well as different numbers of products. For beginning e-commerce investors or anyone who simply wants to start selling their own products, BigCommerce gives the option of starting out small and then upgrading at a later date.

Pros and Cons

BigCommerce E-commerce solutions is a system with many pros and cons. To start out with the bad, BigCommerce can be an expensive investment for anyone who is not certain of their sales. The current incarnation of the e-commerce platform also runs on Java which could soon be obsolete. While nothing has been announced, BigCommerce could already be updating to a different system such as HTML5 which is more secure and likely to be in use and supported by browsers for much longer.

The pros of BigCommerce include that it makes selling items, even drop shipped products, easy. From free marketing tools to free web design tools, it is everything that a budgeted store owner needs to get started launching online products, or selling items from a warehouse. With a wide range of apps available, store owners can also integrate everything into one platform which makes tracking inventory, costs and even a range of drop shippers.

So what’s the final word on BigCommerce? It’s a great tool for anyone who wants to create and market a store as easily as possible. For anyone who simply wants to spend the least amount of money possible, a free option might be a better way to go.


* BigCommerce is an affiliate of the High Tech Society. We only accept high quality affiliates that offer valuable services. If you want to check BigCommerce before purchasing a subscription or choosing another platform you can try it free for 14 days before paying anything.

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