Best WordPress Plugins of 2012 by the High Tech Society

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Best WordPress Plugins of 2012 by the High Tech Society

Best WordPress Plugins of 2012

Whether you’ve started a new WordPress site, or you’re a veteran to the platform, a plugin is a very useful thing. You can use WordPress plugins to enhance your site, add new features, and even update features you already have, and mostly at no cost to you. Thousands of developers create free WordPress applications and plugins, although some do cost money. But while there are thousands of WordPress plugins available, some stand out from the crowd which is where the best WordPress plugins of 2012 come from. If you’re looking for plugins or just curious about what you can do with your site then these are definitely the plugins you should try first. From more advanced versions of the plugins you already have, to completely new features such as controlling your sidebar widgets and more, try installing any of these top five best WordPress Plugins of 2012.

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#5 W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache is almost a necessity for WordPress users, which is just one of the reasons it makes it into the best WordPress plugins list.  The plugin helps your WordPress to load more quickly and stores static versions of your page so that you use less CPU. And since website hosts like Host Gator actually recommend the site, as does Google’s own Matt Cutts, you know you can’t really go wrong.

#4 Gravity Forms

Want to use forms on your site? Technically there are no better forms on WordPress than Gravity Forms.  The WordPress plugin allows you to create forms with media and photo upload, conditional logic, phone number, file upload, and more, all from one plugin. Best of all, almost 500,000 WordPress users have already uploaded it, meaning that it’s already been thoroughly tested for errors.

#3 Askimet

More than just one of the best WordPress plugins, Askimet is a necessity if you have a larger site. A site with less than 3,000 traffic per month can be hit with upwards of 40,000 spam bots in that same period, leaving thousands of unwanted spam comments. Askimet is one of the most convenient and reliable spam filters around, meaning you won’t have to deal with your spam manually. If you have a business or a store, Askimet does cost money, but if you’re just putting it on your personal WordPress site, the plugin is completely free.

#2 WP-DBManager

Want to back up your WordPress but don’t want the hassle of manually downloading your database? Number two on the top five best WordPress plugins list, WP-DBManager can handle automatic database management and backup, including schedules backups, database repair, restore, and optimization. While it’s not the most necessary of apps, it’s certainly great for WordPress users who want to know that their site is safe, and not going anywhere in case of a problem.

#1 Widget Context

Choose which widgets appear in the sidebar based on the page? Create individual sidebars per page? Yes please! Widget Context is an amazing plugin that allows you to completely control where and how widgets show up in your sidebar, meaning that you can cpmpletely customize your website per page. Show different text, advertisements, and apps per page rather than having one boring sidebar throughout the whole site. Definitely one of the best WordPress plugins you can download, no matter how big or small your site.

Don’t see a WordPress plugin you’re looking for? Try searching in the WordPress Directory to access thousands of plugins, free and paid. By choosing plugins with high customer reviews, or by reviewing them yourself, maybe you can find new, great ideas to add to our best WordPress plugins of 2012 list.

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