What is The Best Web Browser in 2018?

What is The Best Web Browser in 2018?

If you’re like most people then you probably stick with the same web browser year after year. It’s a habit thing, really. You don’t think about browsers being all that different, they all just show web pages, right? Well actually, there are some features that you might wat to consider. Here are our top 5 available now.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome

Chrome is one of the most popular browsers available. Not only is the screen layout designed to let you do the thing you came to do; surf the web, but the performance speeds are great. The downsides to Chrome are that it is quite resource heavy so may not run well on machines with less RAM. It’s also a google product, so if you object to your browser data being used you may prefer something else.


Opera browser

Opera only has around 1% of the market share but it’s a great browser. It offers the same features as the more popular models, including a clean screen layout. Perhaps the best reason to install Opera is its turbo mode which uses their own servers to route your traffic. This can really help your connection speed if you’re on a low performance connection. The downside of Opera is that it doesn’t have as many plug-ins as the more popular names.

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge browser

The browser comes installed with all Windows machines, and if you’ve never given it any thought this could be the browser you’re using. Edge has a built-in reading mode which helps keep distractions to a minimum. It works seamlessly with Windows 10, but because it isn’t backwards compatible, Windows still installs Internet Explorer for viewing older sites. Being a Microsoft product, it’s packed with great features.


Vivaldi browser

You may not have heard of Vivaldi, it’s not one of the big players, but it does offer amazing customisation. Vivaldi gives you control over your interface in a way that other browsers don’t. If you enjoy online gaming, Vivaldi gives you the chance to set up your browser to your liking. The downside of that is slower performance. A relatively new product, the company may well come up with more great ideas in the near future.

Maxthon Cloud

Maxthon Cloud browser

For sheer speed, the Maxthon Cloud is quickly making a name for itself. Branded as fast, secure and ad-free the Maxthon may be the perfect solution for playing games in HTML 5. Maxthon is winning awards and gaining users – it offers some great features including being able to download from the page source.

There are just a few browsers to consider. If you’re still using the same browser that came installed on your machine, or you just haven’t tried anything new for a while then perhaps now is the time. As technology changes, so new companies bring new products which can help make a difference to your online time. Check out these browsers and others today. Who knows, you might find a new favorite.


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