Best App Uninstallers for Mac

Best Uninstallers for Mac

It's not as easy as dragging an application to the trash on your Mac. When an application is installed, it creates a slew of additional files on your hard drive.

Once established, they are difficult to eradicate. You must first locate them, and then confirm that they have indeed vanished. Doing it by hand can be tedious and time-consuming, and there's no assurance you'll capture all of the extra files.

Those extra files accumulate over time. Without realizing it, you may be allocating several gigabytes of memory on your Mac to this junk data. This can be a performance drain on your computer, and it's all for a program you're no longer utilizing.

Fortunately, there is a better approach to permanently delete these data. An application uninstaller is a program that automates the various steps involved in app removal:

If you want to optimize your Mac's performance by uninstalling an application and its related junk files, a dedicated uninstaller be help a lot.

11 Best Uninstallers for Mac

1. IObit MacBooster

IObit MacBooster screenshot

To keep a device running smoothly, you must regularly clean out junk and unnecessary files. Mac users can relax, as IObit MacBooster is an all-in-one solution for uninstalling applications and keeping their computers safe from malware.

With a simple interface and an affordable subscription, the software is among the best Mac uninstallers. The only drawback is that technical support is insufficiently responsive.

To learn more, read our review of IObit MacBooster.

2. TrashMe

TrashMe uninstaller logo

TrashMe is an excellent software removal tool for Mac users. The software can uninstall applications from your Mac, as well as the temp files, hidden files, caches, and settings associated with them. TrashMe can assist you in quickly recovering valuable space.

Please first enable the Smart Detection feature. Once you've dragged an app to the Trash, this uninstaller will perform a clean uninstall. Additionally, it will notify you when the Trash is full so it can be emptied

3. Disk Clean Pro

Disk Clean Pro logo

Disk Clean Pro is an uninstaller for Mac that will help you clean and optimize your computer. The uninstaller is almost certainly the most impressive part of Disk Clean Pro. You can find a good-speed application that you haven't used in a long time beneath the uninstaller's module. This enables you to delete applications that are no longer useful to you.

It comes with a variety of deep-seated modules that enrich your Mac, such as Deteriorated Downloads, Initializing Items, Duplicate Locator, and so on. This Mac Uninstaller also provides malware protection for your programs.

4. CCleaner for Mac

CCleaner logo

Despite its shady security past, CCleaner for Mac has received mostly excellent feedback for its ability to manage and speed up Macs. It has numerous modules for uninstalling software, managing startup items, deleting duplicate files, and cleaning the system thoroughly. Both free and paid versions of CCleaner for Mac are available. The free version includes tools to optimize your Mac's performance and delete unwanted cookies, logs, and other files, whereas the premium version does the same thing and includes real-time monitoring and other features.

5. iMyFone Umate Mac Cleaner

Umate Mac Cleaner by iMyFone completely frees up storage by uninstalling undesirable software, eliminating garbage files, huge files, and a variety of other objects.

This application is more than simply a Mac uninstaller. It is a comprehensive application manager for your Mac. In reality, it's a full-fledged Mac manager. It also works as a PC optimizer in addition to uninstalling Mac programs. It can also improve the performance of your Mac. Let's take a look at some of Umate Mac Cleaner's key features.

It gives you complete information on the apps you have installed on your Mac. As a result, deleting undesirable apps on your Mac becomes a breeze. The software can help clean out your Mac's garbage files and manage browser and system extensions. With the aid of this Mac uninstaller, you may even eliminate huge undesirable files and delete duplicate files. You can also use the application to remove web browser records of your personal information. Along with the characteristics, you need also be aware of the advantages and disadvantages app. As a result, we've listed them below.

Umate Mac Cleaner makes entirely uninstalling programs on a Mac a breeze.

6. Disk Drill

Disk Drill Mac cleaner logo

Disk Drill is a data recovery program that includes a cleanup tool that allows you to quickly discover and see files taking a large amount of space before deleting them.

If you're concerned that a critical file might become mixed in with the rubbish, you may limit the results by keywords, file size, file type, and a variety of other factors, then check that the items you're deleting are indeed unwanted. Having said that, Disk Drill is a reputable Mac cleaner, so that you can trust it to take care of everything and free up time.

As previously stated, Disk Drill shines at restoring deleted files, crash recovery, and other data loss events. The program so simple that even inexperienced users will figure it out.

To learn more, read our review of Disk Drill.

7. Clean Me

Clean Me is an open source disk cleaner for Mac that has grown into a credible alternative to Mac cleaners like CleanMyMac. Everything from the Trash folder to downloaded system logs, app, user, and system caches, e-mail attachments, document revisions, spotlight indexing data, and more may be cleaned using it.

The software simply has one window, but it offers all of the options you'll need to clear out all of the clutter that slows down MacOSand keeps it from working at its best.

Clean Me's only flaw is its convoluted installation method, which needs you to either utilize Homebrew or manually install the software from its GitHub repository's releases.

8. AppZapper

Drag undesirable programs to AppZapper, and it will find all linked documents and allow you to delete them with a single click.

When all is said and done, this is not the primary component that comes with this application remover. It includes a Shot List, which enables you to view all applications installed on Mac. You can pick an app from the list below, validate the majority of the relevant records, and then Zap them to garbage.

9. Nektony App Cleaner

This fantastic utility tool allows you to rapidly delete any unwanted apps or programs that are wasting space on your smartphone. It quickly deletes apps and applications while remembering their contents. It also checks for and finds any remains of previously deleted programs, removing them as needed. It also aids with the removal of cache, program support files, and other items for a better and speedier Mac.

10. App Cleaner & Uninstaller Pro

App Cleaner & Uninstaller is multi-purpose utility for removing unwanted programs from your Mac. It has a lot of power when it comes to uninstalling apps on Mac. App Cleaner & Uninstaller has some optimization functions in addition to the characteristics of an uninstaller software. It optimizes your Mac's startup time. This MAC app remover is also capable of removing files associated with previously deleted software or programs.

With this uninstaller software, you may completely delete programs from your Mac. It might improve your Mac's booting performance by removing all unneeded startup apps. You can also use this tool to restore software to its original state, in addition to all of these functions.

11. TuneupMyMac

TuneupMyMac provides several vital features to improve your Mac as a Mac optimization application. It also works well as a Mac app uninstaller. You can view and manage all the applications installed on the computer through its Uninstaller wizard. You can easily delete the ones you don't want.

You can also deal with all the garbage and unnecessary files on your Mac with the One-Click Cleaning tool. You may also manage your login items, delete duplicate files, obsolete downloads, huge files, and other junk material to clear up space and improve the efficiency of your computer.


You can always use the in-built uninstall functions in macOS, but that method tends to not be as thorough as using a dedicated unstaller. Rather, many people prefer to use a full-featured Mac cleaner (click here to see the best ones) that has an integrated uninstaller.

CleanMyMac X is the preferred solution (see why we say CleanMyMac is safe and worth it) because it handles the grunt work of uninstalling an app and then removes associated files to thoroughly uninstall it. In only a couple of minutes, you can entirely uninstall an app.


When uninstalling a program from macOS, the main purpose is to remove everything from the app, including files, folders, and the app itself.

Deleting an application manually on Mac takes a long time, and it's not worth it. Exploring the Library is nerve-wracking, and one wrong step can have far-reaching consequences for your entire system. I would rather avoid that and just use a good uninstaller for Mac.

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