Five Of The Best Pet Videos On YouTube For Your Entertainment

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Five Of The Best Pet Videos On YouTube For Your Entertainment

Five Of The Best Pet Videos On YouTube

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Have you ever had extra time on your hands and just gone online to browse or see what you could find? A great place to visit online when you have some time on your hands is YouTube. There are some great videos there and you can spend hours, yes hours, looking at the many pet videos. There are so many funny, cute, and just plain silly videos of pets that you can easily fill your time whenever you want. There are videos of pet dogs, cats, birds, and more! You will find yourself amused and captivated by the hour as you watch these wonderful videos of various pets. You can forget the stress of the day, take a break and enjoy yourself, or watch with the kids, and you can expect to laugh, smile, and even catch yourself saying “Awe.”

Video 1: An “awww” Moment

No best pet videos list would be complete without a video of a dog greeting their master when they come home from serving in the military. These brave men and women give up so much when they serve. Families miss them, and so do pets, as you can see from the video of homecoming. Pets welcoming masters home in a video of clips is what I chose for this “best pet videos list”, because to be honest, I could not pick just one. Get ready to sit back and say, awww, and maybe just wipe away a tear or two.

Video 2: Cats Can Bark

Highlighting the talents our pets have is something we sometimes try to do when we record videos of our pets, and sometimes our pets help us by not being camera shy. Sometimes though, the video captures a secret talent. Who knew cats could really bark! When this cat owner caught their cat by surprise, the little guy tried to hide his talent. You can almost hear the cat saying, “busted”!

Video 3: The Guilty Party

If you’re a pet owner, you know the guilty look our pets have when they have done something they should not have. Every pet has his or her own guilty look and behavior. Sometimes the looks they have are just plain funny. If you are lucky enough to capture that guilty look in a pet video, you should share it on YouTube like this person did. Enjoy the video of the guilty dog, and just try not to laugh!

Video 4: Patience Our Pets Have

Pets and babies are a great combination, but you never know how a baby will react to pets. If you have a family pet when a baby is brought into the home, those pets often seem to become protective. They watch the baby, protect the baby, and have great patience with the baby. The combination of baby and pet usually make great pet videos, which is why it’s included in our best pet videos list. Watch this German Shepherd show some patience with the baby in this great video.

Video 5: A Bird with Rhythm

Birds make good pets, but they can do more than just sit in their cage watching the family. Some birds talk and others sing, birds can also be trained and can be wonderful company. They can come out of their cages and enjoy time with the family. This video of a bird that has rhythm is a treat to see.

Honorable Mentions

I have to add a couple of the best pet videos for other pets as honorable mentions because they were just too cute and funny to leave out. Not all pets are dogs and cats. Potbelly pigs are pets for many people, they’re cute and energetic little guys who can be fun to have around.  Hamsters are quiet pets and easy to care for. Food, water and a wheel will make any hamster happy. They can be entertaining too and this little guy is no exception, Hamsters love their wheels and in this video, you can see this one really can run.

Pets keep us company, make us laugh, protect our families, and in return we love them and they are part of the family. We capture them on video so we can share special moments with everyone. Watching pet videos is a fun way to spend time and get a few laughs at the same time. With the internet and YouTube, entertainment is just a click away. The days of watching television as our only means of entertainment are gone because we can now log on and laugh as we watch the videos pet owners have captured of their pets. Technology has brought us entertainment on our computers so next time you’re browsing online check out the funny, cute, and adorable pets you can find on YouTube. Sit back and smile, chuckle, and laugh as you watch some of these videos.

If you’ve seen some cute videos of pets that you think belong in the best pet videos list, or have one of your own, leave a comment and share it with HTS.  We would love to see them!

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