The Best Hunting Games of All Time For Wii, PC, Playstation & Xbox

The Best Hunting Games of All Time For Wii, PC, Playstation & Xbox

Hunting games are every mans dream and are often appreciated by the ladies of the family as well. You do the things your father did back in his heyday, but still keep your girlfriend happy by letting her know that none of the cute and fluffy animals she loves so dearly were harmed for your pleasure and enjoyment, or she might be the one doing the shooting herself. Despite this, this genre of games seems to be quite a niche market, with only a couple of “big” hunting games making it into the 50,000 strong games market. So, I have listed a few of the best hunting games and these act as my top 10 for the hunting genre.

10. The Lost Crown: A Ghost-Hunting Adventure

best hunting games

I bet you’re now thinking, “Wait a sec, have I stumbled onto the wrong page?” Well, no. But I thought that it would only be fitting to include a ghost hunting game, simply because of how popular the movie “Ghost Busters” has become worldwide, even today. So please simply take this entry as  light hearted humor. This game costs only $8.50 on PC so you won’t be out much if you choose to purchase it.

9. 3D Hunting (PC)

best hunting games

With the invention of improved, 3D graphics, this hunting game almost seems life like. It has a large selection of weapons that you can use, and multiple added features. But still, how could you harm a poor deer that looks as defenseless as this poor thing? Shame on you! Oh wait, it’s just a game, bah go ahead! Check on Amazon to find the game for $19.99 but if you want a deal, keep checking back, discounts sometimes put this one as low as .39 cents!

8. North American Hunting (Series)

With over 20 different species to hunt from deer to lions, you will never run out of game (to shoot) in this hunting game. It boasts a large terrain, meaning you can hunt in 3 different areas across North America, and use any weapon from their vast list of both guns or if you want to opt for the more traditional route, you can even use a bow and arrow!

7. Hunting Unlimited (PC)

Unlimmited Hunting

Initially released in 2000, a new edition of this game is released almost every year! The latest version which was released in 2011 (creatively entitled, “Hunting Unlimited 2011”) allowed you to prey on 7 different types of animals, in 2 different modes; stand and stalking. Now not only do you get to shoot the game, you can also actually “hunt” it too.

Hunting Unlimited 2011 retails for $2-$19.99 on Amazon

6. Monster Hunter

best hunting games

In this vivid hunting game, you are tasked with the quest of finding the source of the earthquakes which are hitting your village. Your mission, should you chose to accept it, is to protect your village people by hunting various types of monsters ranging from small insects you could essentially squish with your left foot, to humungous “towering terrors” in your attempt to restore freedom and peace to your people.  Not your traditional “hunter”, but hey, a little change is good!

Retails on Amazon for $60 for the Wii

5. Cabela’s Big Game Hunter (Series)

best hunting games

In this game, the animals are almost as clever as you. I say almost, because a person created this game, and therefore will always out-smart it! The animal’s movement gives you clues as to what it may do next, and this game also has varying weather so you have to learn to expect the unexpected. In addition, it offers training within the target and reflex shooting galleries so that you can improve your game.

4. Carnivores

best hunting games

So far we have covered ghosts, monsters, and now we move on to dinosaurs. This appears to be the most popular non-standard (deer, moose, etc.) hunting game available on the market. Which isn’t surprising, considering how fascinated we all are with things which existed well before our time compared to things which simply don’t exist (ghosts, monsters, etc.)

Costs $18-$24 and you can also check out Carnivores Ice Age and Carnivores 2

3. Deer Hunter 

best hunting games

Originally released in 1997 for use with Windows PCs, this game is now available on nearly every platform. From the success of this game, the developer’s created Trophy Hunter in 2003, however, the original game is here, because in my opinion, the original is always the best. Gamers usually find themselves in a forest, or meadow with ample game. A few versions of the game have also included various scenic additions including UFO sightings in some cases, however, the downside of this game, is that you can’t shoot them. In addition, if you shoot an animal which is a protected species, you get fined – I have to say, I do like this feature!

2. Rocky Mountain Trophy Hunter (Series)

best hunting games

Developed by Sunstorm Interactive and originally released in 1999, this is probably the most popular game in my list. There are various different games in the series including Alaskan Expedition, Above the Treeline, and Trophies of the West. However, nowadays, this game is available for a free download, and is pretty difficult to buy as an actual disc. Pity really.Costs $2-$68 and is available for Mac

1. North American Hunting and Gun Bundle (Wii)

best hunting games

Up until now, I have ranked in order of popularity. However, with the creation of the Wii over a decade ago, surely more hunting games can involve the use of an actual toy gun? This added feature blows all of the others out of the water, and I’m sorry if you disagree. But to have the option to create a gun, and use it, makes me question why other hunting games don’t do the same? The inclusion of a gun, crucially makes this one of the best hunting games, although you can look for any move enabled hunting game and pair it with a move gun as well.

Want to take your hunting to the next level? Purchase a Wii rifle for $19.99 to be used with the Wii move or the PS3 Move rifle for $25. Both require the game to be move compatible.

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