The High Tech Society List of The Best Free Android Apps

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The High Tech Society List of The Best Free Android Apps

The High Tech Society Best Free Apps for AndroidThe High Tech Society List of The Best Free Android Apps

There are a wide variety of free apps for Android that range from social and game apps, to music apps and more. As reported by Cynthia, here is a list of some of the most popular apps that we at the High Tech Society have found in the Google Play market for Android. The best free Android apps list starts now. Wait. What was the best part again? Oh yeah, they’re all free!

Four Must Have Social Apps for Android

If you are a social person, chances are you are a member of popular sites that include Facebook and Twitter. Social apps make it easy to keep up with friends and family while on the go. Here are a few off the best free Android apps that may do just that.

Facebook App: The Facebook app allows you to update your status, check your newsfeed, and check in when you arrive at certain places. The app also allows you to upload and share photos with your friends no matter where you are.

Twitter App: The Twitter app allows you to tweet and retweet. It helps you keep up with the latest trends. You know what is going on all around the world, plus you can get instant updates from your friends and celebrities. You can also share photos.

MySpace App: The MySpace app is great for MySpace users. It allows you to stay connected with friends, update your status, and share photos. The app keeps you up to date with your favorite bands as well any events and concert dates.

Meebo IM: Meebo IM is an app for Android that allows you to chat through multiple social networks that include Google Talk, Yahoo, MSN, AIM, and many more, all in one place.

Three Great Music Apps for Android

Pandora: Pandora is your free personalized radio. You can make your own stations based on your favorite artists. While you are able to purchase a subscription if you want, you can also access Pandora completely free. The difference is that you will have ads in comparison to having none when you have a paid subscription.

Jango Radio: Jango Radio is very similar to Pandora. It is completely free and you can customize your own stations with your favorite songs and artists. One benefit Jango Radio has is that you can skip as many songs as you want until you find one you like. It can also be connected to Facebook, so all your friends can know what songs you are listening to.

Shazam:While Shazam is not necessarily a music app, it does help you find your favorite songs that you just don’t know what the name of it is. When you hear a song you like, you turn on the Shazam app and let it listen, within a few seconds the title and artist will show on your screen, letting you know what song you are listening to.

Three of the Best Free Android Apps in Games

Angry Birds: Chances are you’ve probably played or know of someone that has played Angry Birds. This game is one of the most popular free games available in Google Play market. In the game, you use the birds and each of their special powers to break down the fortresses of the evil pigs. It is a very fun and addictive game.

Jewels: Jewels is a fun casual game in which you use your finger to switch gems to make them in groups of three of the same. The goal is to make as many pairs as you can before running out of matches. It is also a very fun and addictive game and the game has been downloaded over ten million times.

Bubble Blast 2: Bubble Blast 2 is very similar to the original Bubble Blast. Within the game you try to pop a bubble to start a chain reaction. Once all the bubbles are popped, you move on to the next level.

Other Apps for Android

Then there are the other apps that do not qualify for being in games, music, or social categories but they are great just the same. They include apps such as for shopping and entertainment. The best free Android apps in the ‘other’ category are:

Lookout: Lookout is a great app to have. It keeps your phone secure and free of viruses and malware. It even sends you an email letting you know your phone was scanned. It also has the ability to find your phone if it is ever lost or stolen.

Google Maps: Google Maps is great to use if you don’t have a GPS. It can help you find your way whether you are walking or in a car. It is great to use when traveling and even features voice guided navigation.

Groupon: The Groupon app lets you find great deals in your area. It shows you what places are offering discounts whether it be for shopping, restaurants, or even events that are in your town. Deals are sent daily each morning to your phone.

Yelp: Yelp is an app that allows you to rate places you have been as well as read reviews. It is great for when going to a certain restaurant or place you have never been to. It especially comes in very handy when traveling.

These are just a few of the popular must have best free Android Apps. Google Play actually has hundreds of free apps available. These apps allow you to stay updated socially, play games, find local deals, and listen to music all without having to spend a single dime.

Note from editor: All of us here at the High Tech Society love good deals, especially if they’re in the tech area!  If you would like to share an app with us that is really great feel free to do so in the comment box below. It may even make the list of our best free Android apps. Are you an iPhone user? We didn’t forget you. In fact many of us here at the High-Tech Society have iPhones too. So don’t forget to check out our existing iOS app articles in the Mobile category.

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