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BeOn Smart Lights Review


BeOn Smart Lights Review

Smart lights are a new trend that while initially gimicky, are surprisingly useful in that they save money, offer security, and allow you to have fun with your lighting. BeOn is one of the options in the quickly expanding range of Bluetooth capable lights, and they’re the only option specifically designed for security. However, at $198 for the starter pack, BeOn lights are also one of the most expensive options out there.

How do they perform? And how do they compare to leading industry brands like the Phillips Hue? We tested them out so you don’t have to.

What are the BeOn Smart Lights?


The BeOn Smart Lights are Bluetooth controllable lights that function as additions to your security system. In addition to allowing you to control your lights using your smartphone, the BeOn smart lights also automatically learn your lighting routines, turn on when your doorbell rings, and offer a number of other smart functions.

Light Patterns – The BeOn Smart Lights automatically record and replay your light patterns, even when you’re not at home. This is a great security feature, because burglars supposedly watch houses to see when people leave. You can also benefit by having the lights you normally use turn on automatically when you go to use them.

Battery Pack – Each BeOn light features a battery pack that offers up to 5 hours of light. This is perfect for short blackouts, allowing you to keep your lights on. While this isn’t a concern for most, it is a nice feature, especially when you consider that it means that you can turn your lights on even if you’ve turned the light switches off.

Doorbell Alert – Your BeOn lights turn on when the doorbell rings, even if the lights are off. This sets the lights to respond just like you would to someone ringing the door, which can be a great security feature if you’re not at home. However, with no one to answer the door if you’re not there, this could be a bit awkward if friends stop by unannounced.

App – The app allows you to control your lights while you’re in the house, but with just Bluetooth and no WiFi, you won’t be controlling them from out of the house.

BeOn Lights vs. Phillips Hue

BeOn Smartlights compare poorly to Phillips Hue if you want the same features, but the lights are marketed to different audiences. Where Phillips Hue focuses on mood lighting and energy saving, BeOn definitely went for smart security.

BeOn does not include color changing bulbs, control from outside the house, third party apps, or scheduling, which makes the lights much less feature rich. However, with the battery and with smart features like turning on when the doorbell rings and light pattern recording, they still have a lot to offer if you primarily want to improve your security or reduce your insurance premium.

Review of BeOn Smart Lights

While BeOn offers some security features and smart learning that no other option does, the lights are sadly lacking in terms of features that other lights do have. For example, you won’t be able to schedule your lights and you’ll miss out on third party app integrations, which can be frustrating if you have other smart gadgets or lights. However, with no scheduling features, you won’t be able to set your lights to turn on at specific times or to set your lights to automatically turn on when you get home (unless you ring the doorbell before walking in).

Overall, beOn lights are great for a very specific purpose, and that’s boosting your home security. If you’re looking for a fun gadget to add mood lighting, go with the Phillips Hue or the Osram Lightify instead.