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Battlefield 4 Review – Challenging, Engaging, Realistic


Battlefield 4 Review

Released on October 29, 2013, Battlefield 4 has received severely mixed reviews. Either you love it or you hate it, there is no real in between with this game. It is one of the most challenging first-person shooter games there is. It requires skill, patience and you must pay attention at all times, as you’ll find out in this Battlefield 4 review.


A good variety of maps are available to appease all players. Those that prefer the bigger, open maps are satisfied as well as those that like the close combat maps. Each map is designed to provide sniping points as well as heavy combat areas so that all players can enjoy the gaming experience equally. Siege of Shanghai was the Beta map, so for anyone that participated in the Beta; this map will be very familiar.


Parcel Storm is a series of islands that are surrounded by water. The gameplay in this map is similar to destruction after a hurricane or other tropical storm. Operation Locker is a map that is oddly shaped, and designed in a linear pattern. This is an ideal map for those that prefer infantry combat. Flood Zone is exactly what the title says. The entire map floods when a dam or levy is destroyed. Careful strategy is needed to make it through this map successfully.

For those that love vehicle combat, Golmud Railway is the map for you. This puts your driving and flying skills to the test. Set in an urban city, Dawnbreaker is a unique challenge of skillful sniping and heavy gun battles. It is the perfect mix for players that have different styles to mesh into an indestructible team. Hainan Resort takes you on a trip to the tropics, but there is turmoil at every turn. It is focused on providing a heavy combat setting for gamers.


Lancang Dam is based upon a dam in China. This is where a good naval battle can take place as well as vehicle and infantry battles. Rogue Transmission is interesting, and is set on top of a giant satellite dish. Four players fit on top the dish to battle each other. The last map is Zavod 311, and is set in a Russian tank factory. This is another map for heavy vehicle combat.


With the exception of Obliteration, all of the game modes are the same. The new maps and layouts, along with weapons enhancements, make this installment of Battlefield more challenging. Running with your squad is the best way to tackle objectives successfully. Even if you are unable to communicate, stick with the folks in green. It takes more than one person to run the objectives in this installment. Battlefield 4 requires thinking, skill and accuracy in order to seal in a victory.



After speaking with a few gaming buddies, the perspective on the weapons is that they are more accurate in reference to the real thing. These guns fire and reload just as they would in real combat. Each has sights and attachments available that are appropriate for that gun in order to enhance the user experience. Sniper rifles and hand guns are slightly more popular than assault rifles, shotguns and machine guns.



The vehicles, planes, choppers and boats add to the overall experience of Battlefield 4. Again, more realistic looking and acting than in Battlefield 3. The tanks are heavier but are a little harder to maneuver. The attached guns/turrets on them are slow moving as they are on the real thing. It takes a bit of practice to learn how to drive boats and road-worthy vehicles and even more practice to fly.


Battlefield-4 4

It doesn’t get any more realistic than this. When you enter a map it makes you feel like you are right there in a real scene. Make no mistakes, it’s just a game. The graphics are so impressive and realistic that it is truly hard to believe. Sometimes the graphics load a bit slow and are a little glitch, but this is to be expected with a new game. Patches and updates will be created to smooth them out. Gamers can select the option to smooth the graphics out some, but this does decrease general load times for gameplay.

Battlefield 4 Complaints

The biggest complaints are the laggy servers and crazy glitches that happen during gameplay. Some think that the weapons are a bit too powerful and have a lot of recoil. The key is to play the game to unlock attachments and such to make weapons easier to handle. Another complaint is map size, some gamers find that some of the maps are just entirely too big for the number of players in a lobby.

Overall, most gamers are beyond impressed with Battlefield 4 as a whole. The excitement of the new game, new game mode and enhancements has not worn off yet. It is a challenge, and easily makes other first-person shooter games seem elementary (even with their advancements). If you are a gamer that truly loves a challenge in a game that is based on skill, strategy and team work, Battlefield 4 is the game you should add to your arsenal.