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Battlefield 4 Issues Continue on PlayStation Servers


Battlefield 4 Issues Continue on PlayStation Servers

crashing battlefield 4

Battlefield 4 is a great game; I have enjoyed playing it thus far. It has become my favorite and the one that I spend the most time on as of late. Even with its continued problems, it isn’t stopping me and many of my friends from playing it no matter how frustrating some things have become. Most of the game is rather realistic, which is a huge improvement from Battlefield 3. The new map pack, China Rising, is fun BUT the maps are way too big for the small number of players in a single server.

Continued Slow and Glitchy Graphics

battlefield 4 graphic issues

The graphics are slow to load and still have a lot of jerks and glitches. Even smoothing the graphics is not fixing this problem. Granted DICE is constantly working on this game, these things should have been worked on more before the game released. The uneven graphics do take away from the realistic nature of the game at times.

Slow Loads

slow load battlefield 4

Sometimes the wait to play the next map is insanely long. The long server loads are not improving. DICE needs to spend some time on this aspect so that players are not as frustrated during gameplay. Servers get stuck during game loadouts which sometimes makes gamers wait up to 7 or 8 minutes after waiting 2 minutes in the lobby. Games have always loaded slow for Battlefield, we (other players and I in conversation) agree that this should have been improved.

Server Freezes

battlefield 4 freezing

Servers and games freeze quite frequently. This is slowly getting better but it is still hugely annoying. There is nothing worse than being in a gun fight where you have the upper hand and find yourself laying on the ground due to a server malfunction. There is a lot of lag in this game with vehicles and real-time tactical explosions. It just seems that some items are still out of sync.

Mics go Out

ps4 battlefield 4 freezing

This is beyond annoying. It is very hard to communicate with your squad when the mics go out and you only hear 1 out of every 10 words. Sometimes you miss an entire explanation or warning and end up in the middle of an entire enemy squad. Communication is key in this game and it needs to be seamless. It is not an individual problem as everyone’s mics go out. Chatting with friends is nearly impossible as well.

Unable to Join Friends at Main Menu

battlefield 4 play

DICE has clearly stated that they are not going to allow players to join on friends at the main menu to join a server together. This is just ridiculous! It is so hard to join friends that are already in a game. As for myself, I have been left sitting for an entire map in the queue while friends are waiting and in the game wondering where I am at. Being able to go into a server with your friends is so much easier than trying to join a server, having to wait or getting stuck on the enemy’s side. This NEEDS to be included in the game, taking this option away is one of the worst decisions that DICE could have made.


battlefield 4 cheaters

Patches and updates have been weekly, or several times weekly. DICE is trying, they really are, but the cheaters are just coming up with new codes to get around the patches. There are instances where we are putting an entire clip into someone and watching blood fly from their bodies and they hit us with a couple bullets and we’re dead. We see the after-kill screen and they still have 100% health. Shot guns and assault rifles are able to shoot a much further distance than what is realistic and handguns are being used as sniping weapons. These fixes need to be put in place; PSN Admins can only do so much.

fix please

In summation, DICE please fix these things and work better to have a game ready for release on release day or push it back. These things should not still be having issues more than 30 days after release. These development problems are not stopping people from playing but it is making the gaming experience unpleasant. The missions, hiding places, vehicles and weapons are all absolutely fantastic. There are a lot of amazing aspects of this game. With that being said, the issues that the game has are major parts of the gaming experience that do make it less fun for most when mics go out while trying to communicate or you’re having an awesome game and the game or server freezes.