Basic Laptop Repair Toolkit – Everything You Need for the Perfect Repair Kit

Basic Laptop Repair Toolkit – Everything You Need for the Perfect Repair Kit

If you plan on repairing your own computer or laptop anytime in the near future, then you need specific tools to safely take your computer apart. While tools do vary according to the model, age, and manufacturer, you can mostly easily put together a pretty good kit that covers most types of laptops. Luckily, most tools are quite affordable and you may already have some of what you need laying around the house.

List of Tools

First, your toolkit should include a number of basic tools that you can most likely buy anywhere. These include screwdrivers, a multimeter, and prying tools. You’re also going to need a few other tools that may vary depending on your laptop.

laptop repair tools

MultiMeter – A multimeter is a great investment for anyone who works around electronic gadgets because you can use it to check to see if electricity is flowing through a wire or to a part of the computer. Essentially you can use it to find and replace dead wires, to find out if your charger is out or the plug is, and even to ensure that your new parts are installed correctly. A multi-meter is one of the best diagnostics tools you can own, and many of them are priced under $25. Mastech, Klein, and Fluke are some of the better brands, but if you don’t plan on using yours often, consider going with a more affordable version, such as an HDe or unbranded option, which should retail for $10 or less.

Screwdriver Set – You may need one or more screwdriver kits for taking apart a laptop. First, you should have a midsize and a small flat and Phillips screwdriver (one of each). You should also invest in small set of jewelers or eyeglass screwdrivers, because many laptops include tiny screws. If you have an Apple laptop, then you may also need a pentalobe screwdriver set.

Prying Tools – If you’re working with any kind of electronics then you need prying tools. Some of the most important options to have include guitar picks, spudgers, and potentially a few long, thin plastic prying tools, although the guitar picks work in most cases.

Heat Gun – While not 100% necessary in every kit, a heat gun can be invaluable if you’re taking apart old solder or thermal paste. You can purchase a professional grade heat gun, or a small option such as the iFixit, which is designed for amateur use. Heat guns are also useful for taking out your old screen.

Tweezers – You can never have enough tweezers. Industrial ones are better than cosmetic ones.

Soldering Gun – If you plan on taking anything apart then a soldering gun can help you put it back together. Consider a small, wall socket plug in option and avoid the USB ones. Make sure you purchase an electrical grade solder to go with it.

Utility Knife – If you don’t already have one of these then you need one in your life anyway.

Wire Cutters – You want a very small pair of wire cutters for clipping small wires inside of the casing. However, you should use these with utmost care as it is almost always better to take things apart then to cut them.

Safety – If you’re worried about safety then consider purchasing anti-static wristbands or a mat. This protects you and your computer in case of static electricity. You should of course, also unplug your laptop and remove the battery before you take it apart. Pushing the power button a few times with the battery out should also ensure that any power is discharged.

Thermal Paste – If you’re taking the CPU, heat sink, or fan out then you will need thermal paste to put it back in. Try buying a good quality paste like IC-Diamond 7, Arctic MX-4, ShinEtsu, or Indigo Xtreme and keeping it around just in case.
Container – While you probably already have a container around, you will need one for holding screws and small parts. Consider either a plastic bag, a bowl, or a magnetic mat for the job.


  • Multimeter
  • 2 sizes Phillips screwdrivers
  • 2 sizes Flat screwdrivers
  • Jewelers Screwdriver Kit
  • 2-4 Guitar Picks
  • 2 Spudgers
  • Heat Gun
  • Soldering Gun & Solder
  • Anti-Static Mat or Wristbands
  • Tweezers
  • Utility Knife
  • Wire Cutters
  • Bowl or Container
  • Thermal Paste

Purchase a Pre-Made Kit

laptop repair tools

Most of the time when you purchase a kit of tools, they will either be more expensive than what you could get individually, or be lower quality. If you aren’t sure about finding numerous tools individually, you may be better off purchasing a computer repair toolkit. Alternately you can purchase a set of individual tools, like screwdrivers and use those.

Pro Tech Toolkit – The Pro Tech Toolkit from iFixit is one of the most useful toolkits available, but it is not cheap. Prices range from $50 to upwards of $100, but the kit includes a lot of items. You get a screwdriver with 54 bits, opening tools, anti-static tools, knives, and tweezers. Best of all, they’re sized and designed for electronics, so they are more likely to work.

Belkin Computer Repair Kit – Belkin offers a good quality 36-piece laptop repair kit for $49-$27. The kit includes allen wrenches, a multi-head driver, multimeter, pliers, and wire cutters.

There are plenty of available options out there if you are looking for a tool kit, but for the most part, it is cheaper to purchase individual tools. While you don’t need everything on this list, it might come in handy depending on what you happen to be doing with your computer.

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