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Bam and Boo Toothbrush Subscription Review 


Bam and Boo Toothbrush Subscription Review

The Bam and Boo is an online toothbrush subscription offering eco-friendly bamboo toothbrushes shipped anywhere in the world for $5.00. The automatically renewing subscription service is just one of a number of competing services offering bamboo toothbrush subscriptions. If you’re considering it, you’re probably wondering if it’s worth the time, if it’s really as eco-friendly as it says, and whether the toothbrush is actually good quality.  

How Does the Bam and Boo Subscription Work

The Bam and Boo allows you to choose a delivery period of every 1, 2, 3, or 4 months, and charges 5 euros, or about $6 per brush. This includes free shipping to nearly anywhere in the world.  

When you sign up, you give Bam and Boo the ability to automatically debit your credit card or PayPal, and they automatically send you a new toothbrush at the specified interval.  

What About the Toothbrush

Bam and Boo advertises a bamboo, non-BPA plastic, eco-friendly and antibacterial. The actual brush is made of bamboo with soft nylon bristles dyed to either pink, blue, green, black, or undyed. The bristles are very soft, with tufts at the front and back to massage the gums and help clean behind the teeth. This kind of brush is actually very eco-friendly to manufacture, more sustainable and biodegradable than plastic, and certainly more attractive in your bathroom.  

Using the Brush – if you’ve never used a wooden brush before, you might be put off the first few days by the wood taste left in your mouth. But, after a few days, the brush wears in and you won’t have that problem anymore. I found the brush to be very soft but comfortable and easy to use – definitely high quality and better than comparable brushes from sites like AliExpress.  

Is It Eco-Friendly?

While the materials and packaging on the Bam and Boo brush are certainly more eco-friendly than your average drugstore plastic brush, it is offset by a few things. For example, they’re shipping the brush halfway around the world (from Finland) and probably manufacturing in China (so also shipping from China).  

However, nearly any product you get will have been shipped around the world. Bam and Boo brushes are small, fit in a post box, and likely add minimal weight to flights and ships that are already moving, so they do have a significantly lower impact than a plastic brush.  

I also like that they’re completely biodegradable, when you throw it out, it will rot or burn.  

What About Competitors?

The Bam and Boo is just one of dozens of bamboo toothbrush sellers, which are currently booming in popularity. Their nearest competitor, BamBrush, offers almost exactly the same product but with a flat brush and carbon toothpaste, for $7 per brush.  
You can also very easily purchase bamboo brushes from sites like Amazon or even Ali Express. In both cases, you can get significantly cheaper brushes in similar materials, with a similar production process. For example, on Ali Express, you can source similar brushes to the Bam and Boo from about $2 each.  

But, the Bam and Boo offers other perks. For example, because it’s an automatic subscription, you won’t have to keep reordering, and you won’t ever have to remember when to replace your toothbrush, it will just show up in the mail and you can throw your old one out. If you’re busy and have the extra $12 a year, that service may be more than worth it.  

Overall, the Bam and Boo offers a quality, eco-friendly toothbrush that’s on-par with drugstore brands for comfort and durability. It’s also eco-friendly, automatically shipped to your door, and a lot more aesthetic than neon plastic.