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AZ Movies Review: Is It Safe? Is It Legit? 

AZ Movies Review: Is It Safe? Is It Legit?

AZ Movies or A to Z Movies offers online movie streaming with a focus on offering HD new releases. Unlike may similar sites, AZ Movies typically offers a high-quality interface and HD content, making the site very popular in forums and on reddit, where it is frequently recommended. If you’re searching for a new place to stream movies online, you want to know more about it before you start using it. For example, is AZ Movies safe? Is it family friendly? And is it legit?

Is AZ Movies Legit?

A quick glance at AZ Movies should tell you that no, it isn’t legit. However, the story is a bit more complex than that. AZ Movies isn’t as blatantly breaking copyright law as a torrent site. In fact, it doesn’t host any pirated content on its own servers at all. Instead, AZ Movies scrapes other sites and links out to content on OpenLoad and others, allowing them to share movies without taking on the risks. This means AZ Movies is likely to stay online unless it grows considerably or begins hosting its own content.

However, that doesn’t mean the content on the site is legitimate. While there’s no law preventing you from sharing links to content you find on the internet, those links definitely are to pirated films. And streaming them could technically (although it’s not likely) get you in trouble with the law. For example, some courts ruled that if your streaming site downloads packets while streaming (most do to speed up streaming), you could be committing piracy. That’s important in case you ever go to court, however, the risk is very slim but you should take it at your discretion.

Is AZ Movies Safe?

AZ Movies links out to external sites, allowing you to choose your server or host page. Films are embedded on AZ Movies, so you won’t have to load a new webpage, which makes it safer than a directory. However, the original host could still run a script which might harm your computer. In addition, AZ Movies uses both banner ads and popup ads. You’ll likely get popup ads every time you click something on the site, which can be to gambling, spamware, softcore porn, or a number of other non-family friendly sites. In some cases, ads like this may expose you to malware as well, so make sure you’re running an adblocker or firewall or preferably both.

Overall, AZ Movies offers a relatively high-quality experience for sites of its type. The user interface is surprisingly well done, everything works, and everything looks good. However, the popups and ads are more than a little annoying and, because they popup behind your screen, can accumulate quite far if you aren’t aware they are there. So, AZ Movies ranks as safe and better than average, but still not the same as using a legit site.

More importantly, copyright laws are changing and rapidly. If you want to protect yourself, it’s always better to stream legally from a legitimate site that licenses its films. This will also ensure higher quality and protect your rights as a customer.