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A Review of AVG Internet Security

I downloaded and tested AVG Internet Security for 30 days in order to completely review it. While this isn’t quite the same as writing a review after six to eight months, thirty days is certainly enough time to form a solid enough opinion to write a good review and still gets a review done before the next version is released. AVG has a little advantage with me, because AVG Free is my favorite antivirus ever. We’ll see if it can stack up to my memories.

Download & Install

The download of AVG Internet Security is fairly straightforward. It does take a bit of time but as someone who has had multiple versions of AVG on my computer in the past, this version of the antivirus software downloads much more quickly than previous editions. The time needed will vary depending on your Internet speed and your computer’s age but it should go quite smoothly. The install also goes fairly well although you should be warned that if you already have antivirus software on your computer, it will not install. This is for your protection, as antivirus software gets pretty deep in your OS and you don’t want them tripping over each other. My best advice is to download AVG Internet Security from the Internet, remove your old antivirus, and then install AVG, or install it from a disc after removing your old antivirus.

The interface is very obviously styled for Windows 10 but does work on Windows 7. It looks much nicer than previous versions, although anyone who does not like the touch screen look will not be happy. Overall it is very self explanatory and easy to find things because there are only 12 actual buttons, including options like ‘scan now’ and buttons that let you know which parts of your computer are protected.


AVG Internet Security has a few more features than the free version but a few less than some of its competitors. I really love that the system includes free mobile security for your devices when you purchase the computer version. You can also take advantage of the PC Tuneup feature which works similarly to CCleaner for Mac, CleanMyMac, or CleanMyPC.

  • Computer Antivirus
  • Browser Scanner
  • Identity Protection
  • Email Scanner
  • Firewall
  • PC-Tuneup
  • Mobile Protection
  • Speed Test
  • Free Tech Help

All in all, it has a limited set of options that are easy to see and use at a glance. If you want to run a scan, all you have to do is click ‘scan now’ right from the interface, which makes it easier than most antivirus programs. However, pretty much all of AVG’s major competitors offer a great deal more features such as Facebook wall scan or scanning Microsoft Outlook e-mails. If you just want basic, straightforward protection then AVG has what it takes when it comes to features but it is lacking some of the bells and whistles.

One thing I really loved about the install is that you do not have to reboot your computer after it completes. Unfortunately, it will try to trick you into downloading a few extra things during the installation. You can simply uncheck the AVG toolbar and not allow it to be set by default. However, if you have Firefox it will automatically do this anyway and you can change it in your settings later.

Scans & Effectiveness

The most important thing that anyone wants their antivirus scanner to be able to do is detect and block viruses. AVG actually blocks about 96.4 percent of viruses and does something against the rest, but does not completely block them. While this is not bad, it isn’t completely fabulous either. I also noticed that AVG sometimes (very, very rarely) flags non-virus files, such as older software, as a virus. While this is great if you want to be extremely safe it can also be a bit annoying. Of course if you know where your file are coming from this isn’t a problem anyway. A single file scan usually takes a minute or less which isn’t bad. A whole computer scan of every file typically takes about 15 to 30 minutes and a quick scan usually takes less than ten minutes.


AVG Internet Security is a pretty decent antivirus package that is very simple, easy to use, and fairly effective. However, it isn’t really worth the money. What you get for the $69.99 upgrade from AVG Free really just doesn’t warrant the extra money. While some of the additional features are nice to have, they don’t provide enough in the way of additional protection to warrant spending $70 a year. However, if you do not know your way around a computer, a free antivirus is not as effective as a paid one and would not be advisable, so you may want to keep searching.

Another thing I found fairly annoying was that AVG Antivirus was always popping up notifications that my computer was running more than 2,000% faster than it did before I installed it. Not really feasible or true! This is especially annoying since I noticed that it actually makes my computer take a little longer (maybe a second or so) to startup.

You can buy AVG Internet Security for $69.99/year or you can download the free trial to try it out for 30 days.