Automatic: The Technology You Always Wanted for Your Car

Automatic: The Technology You Always Wanted for Your Car

What would you pay for an app that helps you find your car, helps you figure out what’s wrong when your engine light comes on, and even automatically calls for help if you’re involved in an accident? There has been a lot of cool car tech released to the media recently, but features like that sound expensive right? Not really actually. For just $69.99 you could pre-order Automatic, a USB plugin and app for your car to do all of that and more. While the device hasn’t yet been launched for sale to the public, the device is making waves pretty much everywhere, so what can it do? Automatic provides a linkup to an app on your smartphone, so that you can check up on any of the following features by looking at your phone.

Automatic Features

automatic app

Automatic plugs into your car and is compatible with almost any model created on or after 1995. That means it’s fully compatible with almost every vehicle on the market today. They also provide a link so that you can check to see if your car is supported. If not, you can always buy a new car.

Driving Feedback

One of the coolest features on Automatic is that it gives you feedback on your driving. If you have issues that are causing engine damage or using more fuel than you need, then you can definitely benefit from a little feedback. Because it’s electronic, Automatic can monitor your car and let you know about issues including rough breaking, speeding, rapid acceleration, and any average driving issues so that you can preserve your gasoline and your car. In fact, by correcting your driving habits, you can save as much as 10-15% on gas!

Find Your Car

We’ve all had those moments where we’ve forgotten just where it is we parked, and with the Automatic find your car feature, you can leave those moments in the past. Automatic allows you to find where you parked a car on a map by tracking the dongle via your phone. The app will show a clear map with GPS directions, but this does require 3G internet.

Crash Alerts

If you get in a crash, Automatic will automatically dials for help via 911. While this might not be a great idea if you’re in a very slight accident with no one else involved, it’s great for real emergencies.

Engine Health Check

Automatic is plugged into your car at all times and can easily monitor your cars onboard computer so that when something goes wrong, it knows what happened, and how to fix it. When your car engine light goes on, you can just check your phone to see a complete diagnosis of the problem. Usually you can drive to your mechanic and have the problem fixed without worrying about running tests from there.

Trip Timeline

If you like to see where you’ve driven, how often you drive there, and how much money you spend getting there, then Automatic can help you out as well. The plugin gives you full monitors of every trip that you can view by day, by trip, and by week. And if you’ve got a teen, they’ll never be able to lie about where they took the car again.

The Automatic Dongle For Your Car

automatic dongle

Automatic will ship in April for iPhone users and in the fall for Android users. Currently it is only intended for U.S. users, although they may expand the functionality at a later date. The $69.99 price tag is an excellent rate for the technology, and the San Francisco based company doesn’t plan to charge any service fees.

Should you get it? Do you want to know where your car is at all times? Want to know how much you spend on gas and how much gas you use? Want tips on correcting your driving habits? Want to know what is wrong when your engine light comes on? Then yes, you definitely should order Automatic.

We will be reviewing Automatic later in the year after it comes out, so you can also wait to order until we’ve fully tested the software for bugs!

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