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Assassins Creed IV Black Flag Review


Assassins Creed IV Black Flag Review

This action/adventure video game was released in late 2013 for multiple consoles. Although I have not personally played Assassins Creed IV Black Flag, I was able to obtain information from an avid player of the game. He provided me with some wonderful insight to compare to what other gamers are saying online. It appears that although the game is exciting, has a great storyline and continues on from Assassins Creed III, there are still some things that need fixing even a year after the game was released.


The graphics are realistic and crisp. With this being said the graphics are missing a few finishing pieces in some scenes. A few gaps have been noticed by avid gamers. The graphics are also known to be slow loading, which is bothersome during an intense battle. Overall, the animated scenery moves well, has good coloring and is correct in shadowing as characters move. Shading is also appropriately depicted as items pass over stationary items and as vegetation moves.


With there being a single player offline mode and an online multiplayer mode, the gameplay situations vary greatly. In offline mode the storyline develops slowly. The missions/quests get harder as characters develop and move further along. Hint: Don’t try to kill the whale at the beginning of the game, you’ll waste your time and be greatly frustrated.

whale in black flag

In online combat, it is intense at times. You want to go into online play with the strongest possible weapon since other characters may be further developed than yours. It is ideal to work with the team and communicate in order to complete quests faster.

Some of the favorite pieces of the gameplay include using swords to slit the necks of pirates and other enemies. This requires a great deal of stealth and hiding skills. A favorite situation is hiding in the trailer full of hay and popping up behind those entering it to slice their throats. Another favorite element of the game is getting on the ships and using the cannons and weapons available to shoot people. Using stealth is the way to go in this installment of the Assassins Creed series.

Character Development

The character development moves a bit slow. There are a lot of upgrades and updates that have to be done within this game. Completing quests faster helps progress a character a bit. It also helps to upgrade weaponry as well. An example of this is trying to kill the whale before your character and weapon are truly ready for the battle. Otherwise, it can take several hours to complete this task.

Changing the character, such as changing weapons and skills, is rather easy to do. In the beginning, characters are very limited as to what items they can carry and what skills are available. By completing quests with minima equipment, items are unlocked and made available for use.


One of the biggest negatives is the amount of updates that are required for the game rather than the normal daily progress updates. Even a year after the release, some of the updates take a long time. The upside is the updates make the gameplay better and the graphics transitions smoother. Another negative is the slow loading, which has improved some since release day. Again, this is something that just comes along with a large scale game like Assassins Creed.

Overall Impression

Overall, the impression among a variety of gamers is that Assassins Creed IV review is exactly what the trailer and previews said it would be. It is challenging, dramatic, exhilarating and captivating. It is easy to get lost in the game and stay up way past bed time just to finish a quest. It is an excellent option for those that like action/adventure games in combination with slice and dice gameplay.

Assassins Creed IV is rated M for mature audiences due to some sexual content and insinuations as well as strong language and violence. It is intended for players over the age of 18. The storyline is tough to follow in the beginning but gamers love the overall gameplay, graphics and weapons that are available. One wish for this game that has been mentioned by multiple gamers is that the AK-47 would be added as a weapons option. Many prefer the single player mode to go through the game to complete quests before attempting to accomplish multiplayer online battles. Overall, this game is averaging 7 out of 10 stars and based upon my personal readings, I would agree with that rating.