Are Bots Allowed in WoW?  

Are Bots Allowed in WoW?

The short answer is no. The longer answer is that despite being disallowed by Blizzard, many people still use bots. This can be unfortunate for real players, because Bots can be a nuisance, can give other players an advantage, and can disrupt the normal playing experience.

How to Spot a Bot User

Bot users are typically automated and the player isn’t usually behind the screen. While there are exceptions, most leave their computer running with the bot up and going while they sleep, go to work, or otherwise do something else.

Most of them also have specific tells you can us to determine if they are real or not.

Silence – Botters will not respond, will log out after several whispers, or will send automated messages

Default or Gibberish Naming Patterns – Check the names of the characters and pets. If it’s gibberish or default, they may be a botter.

Unexplained Movements – Look for zig zags, running into objects, ignoring obvious danger or threats, and weird movements in general.

High-Level/Same Gear – If you see players who are behaving weirdly all wearing the same gear, they’re probably botters. For example, DemonSteel stirrups are commonly used by bots.

Unreasonably High Activity – Unreasonably high activity, such as having completed the same dungeon hundreds of times in a short period, is suspicious

Large Amount of Farmed Goods – Unreasonably large amounts of farmed goods are a red flag

No Movement – Users who are standing still while attacking is a common bot problem, but doesn’t’ always apply.

Of course, none of these red flags guarantee you’re looking at a bot, they’re just red flags.

How to Report Bot Players

If you’re certain that someone is using a bot to play, you can easily report them. Bot players do not hurt you, but they can strip resources, gain an unfair advantage, excessively farm and harm the virtual economy, and otherwise become a nuisance to players just trying to have fun.

To report them, simply right click on the player’s portrait and click “report Player for Cheating” and type in a short description of their behavior.

What Happens if Someone Reports You for Using a Bot?

In most cases, Blizzard will review the case and the account and take action accordingly. In some cases, Blizzard will simply delete the toon. In other cases, Blizzard will fully suspend the account. For this reason, most bot users create secondary accounts unaffiliated with their first, and then swap goods or send them to their main account. Others will risk using a bot on their main account for honor leveling, but risk full suspension of the account.

Overall, Blizzard’s policy for approaching bots is becoming less and less tolerant, as even point and click bots are increasingly being banned. Many popular bots were banned in December of 2017, and botting on most servers is considerably less than it used to be. That’s good news for players trying to play the right way, because it limits the ability of others to gain an unfair advantage.

If you’ve been using bots, it also means that your bots may not be on their way back in anytime soon. You can switch to another game that allows them or start playing without the high-level farming.

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