A Review of AppleXSoft Photo Recovery Software for Mac

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A Review of AppleXSoft Photo Recovery Software for Mac

A Review of AppleXSoft’s Photo Recovery Software

for Digital Media & Mac’s

by Kimberly Carver

 Photos Destroyed by Virus

Have you ever accidentally deleted some pictures from your digital media device? Or what about losing them because your device had some type of damage that caused it to lose everything? It’s happened to most of us at least once, but that once usually teaches us a lesson to be sure we keep backups. However, that’s not always the case and also, there is a first time. So if this is your first time and you have lost your precious photos on your iPhone or other device, or even some music files or emails on your Mac, you will be scouring the internet to find a way to recover them.

This Mac Photo Recovery for Digital Media review is to help you know if the AppleXSoft recovery software will be that photo recovery software that you are looking for. On their website, AppleXSoft says that recovering photo images and other files from your Memory Card, Memory Sticks, digital camera,  USB drive, or other devices, is what they specialize in with their data recovery software. They also have such software for Windows.

Note: AppleXsoft  Photo Recovery cannot recover files from Mac hard drives and iPhone, If you need recover files from hard drives on computer installed Mac system, you should choose AppleXsoft  File Recovery for Mac .

computer damage

How is the Photo Recovery for Digital Media for Mac OS X Thought of by its Users and the Software Community? 

The Photo Recovery for Mac software, which works for recovering your photos and other files, has several awards and is rated as “The best photo recovery software for Max OSX.” But, many people can say their software is good, so it’s best to keep looking into what others say through words or by giving the awards and 5 star ratings.

The awards listed on AppleXSoft.com do give us insight in to how well liked it is by other users. For one, when looking at awards or 5 star ratings, it’s good if you recognize the site or business name that has rated it, or at least if most are from well known sources. Which in this case they are mostly from all the top software sites, such as CNet, ZDNet, Softpedia, BrotherSoft and MacWorld to name a few.

These sites do not give these awards or 5 star ratings out lightly so they do help you in knowing whether or not to trust the software, so there awards do indicate that it is well liked. A quick search through Google also showed that users liked this software as well and most were able to recover their files and photos with it.

Mac Photo Recovery for Digital Media Features, Interface and Support


applexsoft photo recovery software review

AppleXSoft Photo Recovery for Mac Review by TheHighTechSociety.com

The program has a simple and easy to use user interface. All of their features were easy to find to be able to run them and named in a way that were self explanatory to the user as to their function. If there are any questions as to what the particular task button may do, there is a Help button.

Aside from the Help button, they also have a step-by-step guide that helps you use their photo recovery software. It includes 5 easy steps to recovering photos so that you don’t have to learn all about the software just to use it. However, if you did want to configure the program further, the guide also tells the user how to do that too.


There are many features in this photo recovery software but not overwhelmingly so. As I read about all it could do from their site, I did at first feel a bit intimidated at the thought of trying to use it to find my photos. After downloading it though, it was immediately apparent that it wouldn’t be very difficult. I did go ahead and use the manual, the quick start portion which was the 5 easy steps to recovering your photos.

Skimming through it was all that was needed and it showed that it worked as I thought it would which was just by selecting which device or drive you will want to recover the photos from and then clicking on Start Scan. It was very fast, and did find my lost files.

Toolbar for photo recovery for mac software

AppleXSoft Photo Recovery for Mac Software Review by TheHighTechSociety.com

The other features, such as backup, format etc, were just as easy to use and they are buttons right at the top so they are easy to find. On the left is where you select your device that you wish to recover your photos, images, music or certain other files from. You are given a long list of different cameras to choose from as well as some other areas or programs to scan for your photos or files, like MSOffice, Documents, WebPages, Archives, Media Files and more.

photo recovery software camera list

AppleXSoft Photo Recovery for Mac Review by TheHighTechSociety.com

Below these choices you will find a box that will allow you to choose which types of files the Photo Recovery Program should look for on that device, such as JPG, BMP, GIF, PNG, TIFF, CRW, DNG, MP3 Audio, MIDI Audio, WMA File, PDF File, Outlook Express DBX and more, RAR & ZIP Archive and a lot lot more.

format list for photo recovery for mac

AppleXSoft Photo Recovery for Mac Review by TheHighTechSociety.com

This Key Features List is From the AppleXSoft Website for their Photo Recovery Software 

  • Safe and non destructive photo recovery software, no write operation performed.
  • Supports photo recovery from iPod, USB and FireWire.
  • Recovers all types of files, like photos, documents, spreadsheets, text files and so on!
  • Supports recover RAW image formats by all major digital camera manufacturers.
  • Direct recover digital photos, music, and video files from any Digital Media.
  • Displays previews of the recoverable photo and images.
  • Works with most USB, FireWire or other Digital Media readers.
  • Works with most brands of cameras, cards and readers.
  • Recovers digital pictures from your camera media even after it has been erased or reformatted. (Note: Some cameras do a destructive format and will not allow recovery of your images)
  • Allows you to safely format and wipe media cards.
  • Allow you to create a backup image of your card.
  • Currently this Mac Photo Recovery supports more than 20 languages.
  • Allow recovery from your backup image as well as other card image formats!
  • Supports Mac OS X 10.4, Mac OS X 10.5, Mac OS X 10.6, 10.7 Lion and Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion on iMac, Mac Pro, MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, etc.
  • Very Easy to use – Recovers your photos from camera on Mac with only a few clicks.

I used this photo recovery software on my MacBook Pro with Snow Leopard OS X and my Sony digital camera. As I read through their claims and features list I do not see anything that I disagree with. It was very easy to use and really did just take a few clicks to recover lost photos and files. I did not have a damaged or reformatted device or camera media to use it to work on, so I cannot speak to how well it would work for that, but I did setup a test by erasing the data myself and the program did indeed find and restore it all.

I do believe, from reading what others have said, that it would have found the images had my devices or media been in a worse state, so I will be keeping this software in the case that this happens in the future to my own digital media devices.


Photo Digital Recovery for Digital Media does not offer technical support by phone, but they do have online and email support. They also have the help features and the step-by-step guide has some troubleshooting help if needed. Users of the software, including another review site, state that there support emails were replied to within 24 hours and that “they included a detailed response and answered all questions directly.”

Final Thoughts

I ran the PhotoRecovery Software from AppleXSoft, as I said earlier, on my MacBook Pro with Snow Leopard, then used my iMac running Lion OS X, and lastly I used it with my Sony camera. It worked in each case as it said it would and recovered the images that I erased on purpose so as to test their product. I found the program very easy to use, in fact I thought perhaps I was missing something or doing it wrong so I went to their manual to check and see if there was more to it than what it appeared to be and there wasn’t. It really was just a few clicks.

You can do more with the product, such as then backup the images or other files or format the digital media you recovered files from, so it has some other features that do help make it worth purchasing. Losing your images can be very emotional, especially if they were all you had, so this is a good option if you are desperate to get your most precious files back.

photos recovered on mac

At the end of a review I always give a star rating. We rate with 5 stars being the best. I rarely give a product 5 stars, some come very close but are often just a tiny bit shy of the 5th star. I am happy to say that this time we are giving this software a 5 star rating from The High Tech Society. I feel confident that it is a good program, did what it says it would do, was very easy and fast to use and it’s something that is really great to have on hand, even if you haven’t yet lost anything.

5 star rating by the high tech society

They have a free trial at AppleXSoft.com, so try it out and let me know what you think? Do you think it earned the 5 stars my site and others (CNet, ZDNet etc.) gave it? If you lost your photos, or even music, emails or PDF files, let me know your story. How did you lose them and did you get them back? If so, how? We love to hear from you, after all, this if for you!

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