Apple Magic Mouse 2 vs 1


The Apple Magic Mouse is one of the most popular higher end mice on the planet but, for $69-$94, some could say that it’s more than a little overpriced.

With none of the fancy features that you’d get from a Razer Naga in the same price range, you’re paying a lot for the brand name, the feel, and the heavy duty aluminum frame.

But, whether you’ve already decided on buying it, have the old one and are considering upgrading to the new one, or want to purchase one or the other, you now have to decide between the new and the old Apple Magic Mouse.

Just in case you aren’t quite sure, the Magic Mouse is the wireless mouse, and the wired one is just called the ‘wired mouse’. Brilliant.

The Apple Magic Mouse 1

Apple Magic Mouse 1

Previously just called the Apple Magic Mouse, we’ll add a 1 here to make sure that you can easily differentiate it from the 2. This mouse is wireless, battery operated, and touch sensitive.

With an ambidextrous design, a 1,300 DPI laser sensor, and a touch surface instead of buttons, it’s actually intuitive, easy to use, and allows you to click, scroll, tap, pinch, and do a variety of motions all on one surface.

It’s also fairly responsive, and works on smooth surfaces like a glass countertop or a desk with no mouse pad.

The only time, in over two years, that it messed up on my end was when my cat decided the laser sensor needed cat hairs in it, or the one time it was dark and I was trying to use it upside down.

What are the cons? With a $69 price tag, you’re looking at an investment that just isn’t worth it to many. You’re also looking at endlessly recharging or replacing batteries.

For my part, I purchased a $40 pack of GP Powerhouse rechargeables, and they lasted about two weeks in between charges. Considering you can get a 24 pack of Duracell AA’s on Amazon for $10, I didn’t really save any money, but it was a better choice for the environment.

The Apple Magic Mouse 2

Apple Magic Mouse 2

The Apple Magic Mouse 2 is the newest Apple Magic Mouse, released in late September of 2015, and currently shipped out with the newest iMac’s.

It’s also available for $79.99 from Apple, and as much as $94 elsewhere (Please, just don’t). At first glance, it’s actually difficult to see the difference. The two mice are the exact same size, and with batteries inside, even almost the exact same weight.

Once you flip it over though, there are minute differences. First, you’ll notice that there is no battery slot. That’s because the new battery is rechargeable via a lightning connector (the same charger used on iPhone’s). Even more impressively, a single charge is lasting me (a heavy user) around 3 weeks at a time, which is nothing short of jaw dropping considering that professional batteries lasted anywhere from 9-14 days depending on the use time. They also charge overnight, and you can use the keyboard while it’s plugged in.

The charger on the mouse is located inconveniently on the bottom of the mouse so no using it while charging. However, you can plug it in and charge it for five minutes, and then use it for literally hours afterward, which makes the charging port location significantly less inconvenient than you might think.

Lightning charging port takes under 5 minutes to get a full day's charge

It takes under 5 minutes to get a full day’s charge

It also has a thicker rubber bar on the bottom, which does allow it to glide more smoothly across my desk. With batteries in the old model, it’s also lighter, but the difference is hardly noticeable during use.

Apple Magic Mouse 2 vs 1 Bottom Display

All in all, the Apple Magic Mouse 2 is a significant upgrade over the original Magic Mouse, primarily because you lose the pain of changing batteries, the charge lasts longer, it’s more environmentally friendly.

Other than that, it’s the same ergonomically friendly mouse that you may already be accustomed to using. The addition of the rechargeable batteries is also well worth the extra price, because you will save that money after one year’s worth of single use batteries.

At the end of the day, the Magic Mouse 2, much like the 1, is great for professionals who want a clean, basic mouse, don’t mind white, and want it to match their existing Apple devices or peripherals. It’s not anything fancy, and you won’t get anything other than basic functionality, but it does offer very sleek basic functions. If you’re a gamer, work in excel and prefer to have tons of macro features, or just go on social media or blogs, or don’t really use your mouse that much, you might want to save your money for something else.

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