Android Auto Troubleshooting & FAQ

Android Auto Troubleshooting & FAQ

Android Auto is a relatively new technology that still has a great deal of bugs and glitches, so it’s only natural that you would have questions. The following include a list of common problems that you might run into when setting up or using your Android Auto with your phone.

Phone is Not Working With Android Auto – Check to ensure that the phone is running Android Lollipop 5.0 or higher. Check under setting to see if any update are available to the phone. In the case that you have a new phone that is not connecting, you should double check to make sure that Bluetooth is turned on, and if it still isn’t working, reset the phone. If that does not help, contact your dealership for help.

Android Auto Apps Not Downloading – Unplug your phone and download the apps with a WiFi connection to speed up downloads. Inability to download apps may happen in some areas with very poor connection or signal.

Android Auto Says “STOP” But I’m Parked – Turn on your vehicles parking brake.

Android Auto Unavailable on Console  – If you receive this warning, simply check to make sure that your Android is still plugged in. You should also ensure that “Car Mode” is activated on the phone.

Voice Feedback  – Visit the text to speech option on your phone and adjust the “speech rate” slider to a speed that is comfortable to you.  The location depends on your phone model, but it should be under “Settings”, “Accessibility”

Unable to Make phone Call – Pair your phone with the car. Most vehicles support a maximum of 5 connected devices. If you have more than 5 phones pairing with your vehicle, it is necessary to delete one in order to connect another.

Deleting A Phone – To delete a phone from your Android Auto, put the car in park mode, hit the phone icon on the screen, and follow the menu through to see a list of phones currently paired with the car. Delete them using the manual buttons on the touchscreen console.

Connecting a Phone – To connect a phone, press the phone button on the console or steering wheel. Select “yes” to accept the pairing. Make sure that Bluetooth is turned on for your phone before attempting to pair the device. Once you have connected the device, you will see a list of paired phones, and will be able to delete others if you choose.

Voice Control Not Working with Music Apps – Voice Control only works with Google Play Music

Audio Not Available with Third Party Apps – If you cannot hear audio when using Spotify, iHeartRadio or another third party music app using Android Auto, reset the stream. To do this, open the app and start playing a music station, press and hold the station’s name until a submenu comes up. Select one of the options that comes up (For You or Favorites both work), and select a station to reset the music stream. If you still do not have audio, test your audio with Google Play Music to ensure that you do not have to visit your dealership.

Do you have questions that aren’t answered in this Android Auto FAQ? Let us know in the comments below and we’ll try to get back to you with an answer as quickly as possible.

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