An Introduction to Marijuana Edibles – Tips for Responsible Use and Pleasant Experiences

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An Introduction to Marijuana Edibles – Tips for Responsible Use and Pleasant Experiences

An Introduction to Marijuana Edibles – Tips for Responsible Use and Pleasant Experiences

There is a lot of controversy surrounding edibles so it’s an important topic to address to ensure that if you do try edibles that you have a good experience. There is nothing worse than having your whole day wrecked because you had too much – believe me, I’ve been there and it’s no fun. So, I’ll go through the most common types of edibles and the best way to use them to ensure that you don’t end up calling 911 and thinking you’re dying – because you’re not, you’re just too high.

Pot Baked Goods

pot baked goods

Brownies and cookies are common to see in dispensaries and retail marijuana shops. Since these don’t spend much time in your mouth and have to be digested, you won’t feel any effects until 45 minutes to an hour after ingesting your portion. At first, the effects will be strong. You will even out within an hour, no worries.

A standard dose is 10mg to 15mg. If it’s your first time, you really should start off with a 5mg or 10mg dose, because anything more than that is going to be too much for you. If a brownie is 40mg then it is meant to be broken up into 4 portions, same for a cookie or any other singly packaged baked good edible. A 60mg item is meant to be 4 to 6 servings. Under no circumstances should you eat an entire edible that is more than 15mg for the whole item – you will have one of the worst days of your life if you eat an entire 40mg or more edible. Now, if it’s right before bed, it’s really okay to have a bigger dose because the idea is to keep you asleep for a good night’s rest.

Marijuana Infused Beverages

marijuana infused beverages

This is one of the hardest edible marijuana products to use properly. No single marijuana infused beverage is intended to be a single serving. This is something that you need to know before you consider trying this option. Since it is a liquid, you’re likely to feel effects within 30 minutes. Look at the label and see how many servings the container is intended to be and measure a single serving.

Sublingual Candies

sublingual pot candy

There are edible candies that are similar to Altoids; they dissolve on your tongue. These, even at 10mg and 15mg are very potent! They kick in fast, within 15 minutes a lot of the time. At first, you are really confused, but within about 20 minutes your head is out of the clouds. Only take 1 at a time, more than that wrecks your entire day. Even 1, for the novice user can wreck your whole day because they are so potent.

Gummy and Hard Candies

marijuana gummies

Gummy candies work the same as baked goods in your body – they take 45 minutes to an hour to show effects. With these, read the package because a whole package is more than one serving. The recommended serving is all that you should have.

Hard candies work the same as sublingual candies. This includes suckers. They kick in a little faster and are a little more intense. You will, however, experience effects for a longer period of time because they take longer to ingest so you’re getting little bits of THC over a little more time than eating a brownie or cookie.

Weed Chocolates

weed chocolates marijuana

Chocolate bars should be scored into doses. Only eat one square at a time unless you’re looking for an overnight dose, then you can have two or three – perhaps even 4 squares if you need to sleep for about 8 hours. These digest a little faster than baked goods so you may start feeling effects about 30 minutes after eating it.

If you have multiple chocolates in a single package, look to see what the suggested dose is or how may milligrams of THC are in each individual piece. This helps you determine the right dose for you.

Tips for Marijuana Edibles

Always Read the Package

I absolutely cannot stress enough that you should read the package of your marijuana edibles thoroughly before trying it. There are serving suggestions and information on the package that help you prevent a bad experience.

Doses are Marked for a Reasonread marijuana edibles package
Many states have mandates regarding THC dosages in edibles. In Oregon, for example, the limit is
5mg per dose for recreational use and 100mg per dose for medical use. So an entire edible can be 50mg, but it has to be scored or divided into doses. The reason that doses are marked is to provide you an example for how to have a pleasant experience with edibles. These doses also allow you to maintain normal function and experience relief for several hours.

Storage of Edibles

If you have children or pets, store your edibles where they absolutely cannot get to them. Marijuana won’t kill your children, despite what some believe, but it can put them in respiratory failure if they ingest too much. CBD edibles are different, there’s no psychoactive effects with those so there’s not much need to worry if they eat a CBD only product. Pets can become very ill if they ingest THC, but like with children, CBD only products (unless they’re chocolate, grape, raisin or onion products) won’t hurt them.

Be responsible when storing your edibles. Take your portion from the package and put it right back in storage. Don’t leave it out. To be quite honest, if you have kids, I do suggest that you keep your edibles stored in your personal closet, somewhere they don’t go. Store them as high as you can reach in something like a plain box or shoebox — the kids won’t be interested in a shoebox.

What to do if you Accidentally Overdo It

Don’t worry if you have too much of an edible and end up being way too high. You can fix it. The best thing to do is realize that what you did was the absolute wrong way to use edibles and vow to never do it again. Next, hydrate yourself. The more you make yourself have to use the bathroom, the faster it will metabolize out of your body. Then, move around – be active without falling down to raise your metabolism. And, of course, eat carbs. Eat healthy carbs, it’ll help reduce the effects rather quickly. Healthy fats like avocado are also a healthy snack option (guacamole and tortilla chips) to help get you feeling more like yourself a little faster.

Final Thoughts

Don’t be afraid to try edibles. I was at first, but now I’ve got it down pat. I know which products kick my behind and which I can safely function on. It is important to use the proper dosage and not have too much because it can make your heart race, induce panic/anxiety or make you paranoid enough that you’re under the table with a flashlight. I’m not kidding, it happens. So, take my advice and take it easy with edibles, use them responsibly and please don’t drive after using them. You don’t want to be behind the wheel when the effects kick in or even 2 hours afterwards. Edibles are meant to be used at home or when you’ll be out of your home all day long (but not driving).

Please feel free to ask me any questions you might have about edibles. I’m happy to help because edibles really are a great experience, and a lot of fun, when used properly. Before you go though you should also check out our other article about vaping with marijuana, you may like it better or you may like both: The Different Kinds of Vaporizer for Marijuana and How to Use Them. 

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