What is Amazon Prime – For Those Who Love Deals and Freebies

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What is Amazon Prime – For Those Who Love Deals and Freebies

What is Amazon Prime – For Those Who Love Deals and Freebies

Anyone who buys stuff online most likely uses Amazon, but what many people do not know is that the mega store also has a variety of other features, and many of them can be gotten for free with Amazon prime. While the service does cost $79 a year, some users will find that they can benefit from having it. In fact, Amazon even offers a 30 day full benefits trial so that users can decide whether or not they want to pay for the year.

what is amazon prime

What is Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is a paid membership service for anyone who has an Amazon account. WHile not right for everyone, it has a lot of benefits for anyone who likes to read e-books, order items online, or watch media through the internet. While most Amazon users have to pay for individual downloads and books, Amazon Prime members get a great deal of things for free.
Benefits include:

  • Free Two-Day Shipping
  • Kindle Owner’s Lending Library (Free books)
  • Instant Video (free TV shows and movies)
  • Free No Rush and Standard Shipping

Amazon Prime Library – While not all eBooks are in the Amazon Prime Kindle Owner’s Lending Library, many are, and books in the lending library are free for Amazon Prime members. These often include indie books as well as best sellers like Harry Potter. Currently there are more than 180,000 titles in the library, so for anyone who likes to read, the $79 a year is a great bargain for nearly unlimited books! You can browse the Lending Library to see the Amazon Prime benefits before getting it by going to your Kindle Store, and selecting Kindle Owners’ Lending Library from the menu. All books that are eligible to be borrowed for free have a ‘Prime’ sticker on them. Importantly this only applies to e-Books and you can only borrow one book for free.
Instant Video – Fans of Hulu and Netflix already have a good idea of what Amazon Instant Video is, but it is a lot more affordable than either of those two services. Amazon offers Prime members free access to the thousands of movies and TV shows in the library. Among these are kids shows, regular TV shows like Under the Dome and Tosh.0, as well as full length movies like Chasing Amy and Scary Movie. These can be streamed to a Kindle Fire, or to a TV with a mini USB to HDMI cable, so you can watch any of these on your TV for free.

what is amazon prime


For just under $80 a month, Amazon Prime members benefit from free TV, free books, and free shipping. Amazon Prime is easy to pay for, easy to cancel, and is well worth the money if you borrow a lot of books. The average Indie book on Amazon costs $2.99 while the average regular publishing house ebook costs about $8.99. While not every book is available via Amazon’s Lending Library, enough are so that you could easily cover the cost of the subscription by simply reading 10 books. Not bad right? The same goes to watching movies, where a single TV show or movie rental can cost upwards of $5, and purchase prices are only slightly lower than purchasing a physical copy. As a result, you can save a ton of money if you actually want to use your Kindle for reading and watching media. In addition, getting free shipping on items that you do purchase can save you $1-$15 every single time you make a purchase.


Amazon Prime has its cons, but mostly only if you won’t actually be using the services. If you only read a few books per year, don’t really want to use your Kindle for media, and don’t really buy anything, then chances are Amazon Prime is a waste of money. For most, it is a great investment. One consideration is that Amazon Prime does not have everything. There will still be books that are not available for free, and there will be plenty of movies and media that aren’t free either. The idea of Amazon Prime is to give you a large free selection to choose from, but if you want something specific, it might not be available. As a result, Amazon Prime is better for those who like to explore and watch new things rather than simply reading favorite authors or watching the newest movies.

Getting the Free Trial

If you think that Amazon Prime sounds like fun, you can get a free trial for 30 days. This trial includes all of the benefits including book and media rentals, as well as free shipping. You can get the free trial with no commitment and then be able to cancel it without paying a dime if you aren’t ready to buy it.
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