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Amazon Echo Dot Smart Speaker


Amazon’s Echo Dot can power a vast collection of smart speakers to automate smart home life. There is an app for both iOS and Android, so anyone with a smartphone can setup easily.

The Echo Dot has been our cheapest entry point with the better ecosystem of gadgets for the home, and several Wi-Fi or Bluetooth enabled Echo Dot pucks are linked together in one household.

  • One of the best smart home speakers from Amazon.
  • Alexa assistant can use the Echo to control the best streaming TV services.
  • Use Amazon Echo Dot for home security tech.
  • Echo will play music and read the news.
  • Connect your home to the Amazon smart speaker.
  • Amazon smart devices like Echo can us IFTTT

Getting Started With Amazon Echo Dot

The Echo Dot allows you to get news, music, the weather, perform a Google search, set an alarm sound, or act as a little hub. Echo Dot is able to access Amazon Music, Sirius, Spotify, and more right in your living room. It is more than the sound and can have better directions, track events, is a purchase of items directly from Amazon, or answering.

Dot learns to recognize voices, so giving it questions and interacting with it regularly will help it understand your vocal patterns. Responds to the sound of her name as the keyword, listening for whatever question or request follows. Change this keyword if your girlfriend has the same.

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Making Video Calls

A feature called Drop In to allow select contacts to dial a number and see without the other party picking up. It works similarly as a home baby monitor and the audio can be turned off completely how you’d rather not have it.

To start a call, we can say “Alexa, drop in on Jane Smith”. A frosted screen will be shown for 10 seconds on your tablet and it will alert the person you’re calling before seeing a clear feed.

Amazon Echo 3 can only be allowed for specific contacts or disabled entirely. If this is not needed, tap the Contacts page, and then the contact to enable. If you don’t plan on using this, simply change a blanket option at the top of this screen will disable.

Connecting Smart Home Devices

One of the most powerful features of the Echo Dot is Alexa Skills, which are small programs you can find on your Echo Dot to link all manner of things to the system.

Products like Philips Hue bulbs, Bluetooth speakers, TV’s, refrigerators, washing machines, and dryers can be connected, giving you control over these home electronics.

Amazon also sells accessories for anything “dumb” to become smarter. A plug-in accessory that plugs into the wall will turn anything plugged in into a device.

The Smart Amazon Echo

Alexa speakers are compatible with IFTTT, which lets you set up thousands of routines. It stands for “If this, then that” which means if a certain trigger happens then perform a task.

For example, you could link your bedroom lights, controlled by an Amazon Echo Dot and have an applet to always come on at sunrise and it put on your favorite music. Or give the it your to-do list by adding items.

The possibilities of connecting a Dot are endless and, best of all, free. Establish built-in routines on a third-party tool, though they are not as robust as the customization options.

Make Your Play and Life Easier with Alexa

An Echo speaker helps you to be productive. Users with can text someone a dictated message, send an e-mail, or create a new post on Twitter. Your calendar and Amazon Echo can let a user add events, look them up, and receive reminders about upcoming events. She can also save in the kitchen by helping with recipes.

Some are useful for productivity, too. Uber and Lyft have created commands that you can turn on to arrange a ride with just the Echo.

The Echo has over 50,000 new abilities for tons of functionality. Want to try out something cool? Check out the new tips and tricks you can do.

Tips & Tricks

While it can become more organized and productive, there are also a handful of Easter eggs and fun you can do with the quality of the Echo Dot.

Fun and Entertainment

The Dot speaker can run several games, including Bingo. Asking Amazon digital assistant will have your Echo choose random numbers for bingo.

There is also a great Skyrim Skill that allows you to control much of the classic RPG game with just your voice. Bethesda released it when gamers riffed on the company for releasing so many ports of Skyrim on different consoles. It’s now a popular game for an adventure with just your voice.

Android Alexa App

Best to Buy on Amazon

The Echo vs Echo Show make it easy to shop while doing other chores around home. To order any item, the speaker will place it for you, after verifying the price of course. It is really a time saver, but be careful with this feature with children or pets. A woman’s parrot heard her ordering stuff from Amazon now orders his own.

The command, “Alexa, reorder item” will buy the last thing you bought in that category under a price of $50.

Amazon also offers special discounts to owners who have purchasing turned on. Ask her what deals are available and she will provide items for you to buy. This does not work with Voice Purchasing turned off, so you’ll need to keep that in mind.

More Educational Than Google

If you’re learning a new language, perform translations in more than 50 languages. You get the answer from the Dot via your mobile phone to show the full translation.

When the This Day In History is enabled, it will respond back with interesting facts, tidbits, and anything significant that occurred.

Good in Your Home

If you have Capital One banking or credit card account, there is a skill for your account. There is even one to send a payment to a credit card.

A Short Bedtime Story skill will have Alexa tell your kids. It can even customize the names used to have it match your child or family. It’s no substitute for your stories, but they will enjoy the novelty of being told a story by an Amazon robot lady.