What Can The Amazon Echo Dot Do? An Echo Dot Review

What Can Amazon’s Echo Dot or Alexa Do? 

If you’re considering getting Amazon’s Echo Dot, you’ve come to the right place. This review considers what the Echo Dot can do, what it can’t do, as well as how it works. You can start here and find the links to other pages of the review below. For this article we will consider what Alexa can do.

The Echo Dot can be used for smarthome automation. Once you have your smart home products in place, such as a smart outlet, smart bulbs and smart thermostats, and you get the hub to link them all (like SmartThings) you then can add the controller to tell it just what you want it to do, in this case that assistant is Alexa. What does she do for you in regards to home automation? If you’re going the whole smart home route this is, in our opinion, her most useful purpose other than playing music. For this she can turn your lights on or off, dim them, or set them to wake you up (if the bulbs themselves have such a feature) and a lot more just by your asking her to do so.

How this automation works is by voice.  As for what you can ask, here’s some examples: You could say, “Alexa, turn on the living room lights.” Or, “Alexa, turn the thermostat down to 66 degrees.” This is a nice feature, especially if you’re not in the same room as your phone and don’t have quick or easy access to an app. *It should be noted that you can of course simply use your Apple or Android phone to control most of these smart home products as well.

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As for things that Alexa can do that don’t have anything to do with running your smart home she can do things similar to what Siri would do, which is answer some questions like “what’s the weather going to be like today”, bring up Wikipedia in response to other questions, spell or define words you’re unsure about, and tell you what’s on your calendar for the day. For the calendar, Alexa integrates with your Google calendar so set up isn’t needed with a new calendar unless you want one. She also can take notes to create lists for you and for that she has two apps available to choose from. 

As for other uses for Alexa you can go to the Alexa app and choose certain skills for her to have. These are called, Alexa Skills, and even though there are not a large amount of skills or apps to choose from, the Skills list is growing quite fast. Some of the better Skills available include ones that read you a synopsis of the day’s news, call Uber for you, order a pizza, or call for help should you fall or get hurt, which is great for an older loved one or someone that lives alone.

What about what Alexa or the Amazon Echo Dot can’t do? To find that out continue on to page 2 of our review of the Echo Dot. Page one discusses a bit more about the overall design and setup of Echo Dot, and page 4 finishes up with helping you to decide whether or not the Echo is for you or not. We hope you find this review helpful.
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