Amazon Coins Coming Soon to Kindle Fire

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Amazon Coins Coming Soon to Kindle Fire

Amazon Coins Coming Soon to Kindle Fire 

by Brandy Cross

Amazon has recently updated their FAQs section to include a new bit on the up and coming digital currency for Kindle, Amazon Coins. One coin will equal the value of one penny so buyers can use 299 coins to purchase a standard $2.99 app such as Angry Birds. Amazon will be handing out coins sometime in May for free test, and afterwards Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD users can purchase their own Amazon digital currency. International users expecting the same benefits will have to hold off on their expectations as Amazon Coins are currently for U.S. customers only.

Amazon Coins

What are Amazon Coins & How Do They Work 

Amazon Coins are a digital currency which means they can be used to purchase things online. Like the ever popular BitCoins (Only Amazon´s Coins are not Decentralized), or the more simple system of purchasing in-game tokens for apps and games for safety and in-game control of monetary issues. In essence, these are Amazon only coins that are based on currency. Mostly they could be compared to game coins from systems such as eGames and Steam games.

Benefits of Using Coins Instead of Cash 

The new Amazon Coins for Kindle Fire will be available for purchasing in game currency as well as purchasing apps. While the change is relatively a small one, Kindle owners can benefit in a lot of ways. Currently Android systems are under attack from virus and malware spammers and hackers, and using Coins is just a small way of helping to prevent Kindle owners from having their bank accounts and credit cards hacked or stollen. Virtual coins are

  • More secure for people making online purchases
  • Easier and safer to store for long periods of time
  • Safe to use over Unsecured Networks
  • Easier to give as a gift to kids to purchase apps with.

Amazon to Hand out Free Coins

Amazon will be purportedly handing out tens of millions of dollars worth of Coins to help boost in app sales and to test the new currency out. Amazon has not yet verified how Kindle users can claim their Coins but they have revealed that the launch will not be until May. Logically any U.S. registered Kindle should be eligible to receive the coins, and the amount per person may be just enough to purchase just one app. The Kindle Fire currently dominates 22% of the Android tablet market, which means that they could be handing out just a few hundred coins to each tablet owner.

Currently the Kindle Fire is the most profitable Android app and turns over the most sales for apps, goods, clothing, music, books, and more. Kindles are designed to sell items, and creating Amazon coins simply makes in tablet purchases that much easier. With a safe purchase method, more Kindle Fire users might be inclined to try out paid apps, and then consequentially purchase more. The free coins to be given away in May will only boost this as users go to make more purchases.

What do you think? Are the new Amazon coins going to boost sales and interest in apps and games? Any developers who have their apps ready before April will be included in the first round of Amazon Coin eligibility and will still receive their 70% of profit from each app purchase.

Amazon has a range of new announcements including Amazon Coins, whispernet and Game Circle for Kindle, Game Connect, Testing, a mobile SKD plugin, and more.  Developers can learn more about Amazon Coins here while Kindle Fire owners can sit back and wait for their free coins to show up sometime in May.

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