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A Review of the Vimtag 361 Wireless Camera, is it Good as a Security, Pet or Baby Cam?

A Review of the Vimtag 361 Wireless Camera, is it Good as a Security, Pet or Baby Cam?

Looking for a security camera, or want a cam to keep an eye on baby or pets? If so, you may have come across the Vimtag 361 Wireless Camera. But, how well does it work? Does it really do all it claims it can do? We hooked it up and used it in our home to find out. Here’s our results:

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Package Contents

charlie cat checking out vimtag box

The camera arrived quickly (ordered on Amazon) and included the camera, a bracket, antenna, ethernet cable, power cord and various setup and warranty papers. It is nicely packaged and would be attractive as a gift.


connect vimtag to router

Setup was indeed as easy as they claim it is on their site and on the box. It takes about 10 minutes, most of this time though is it doing it’s own set up once everything is plugged in.

To start you simply attach the antenna, plug the camera into power and then plug it into your router with the ethernet cord. Next, download the app and follow the instructions that include scanning the code on the bottom of the camera. Once it’s ready to go it will finish its set up by tweaking about a bit and then it’s done. You can now unplug it from ethernet and place it anywhere in your home.


vimtag motion detection

There are several features including: motion detection, two way audio, zoom, night vision, ability to record and view live feed on multiple devices, HD recording, and more. For the most part all of the features worked quite well. The exceptions would be the two way audio and recording to an SD card.

Two way audio: We had some feedback when using it in the house and the Vimtag camera was only 40 feet away or so. Feedback didn’t stop until we were behind a closed door and over 60 feet away. This may be an issue if you’re wanting to use two way audio with a child or pet. The quality is also not good and the pet or child may not recognize your voice. You can hear this in our video review of the camera.

SD Card: We had issues getting the card into the camera, once it would go in it wouldn’t recognize it. We eventually restarted the camera and it then found the card but it still would not record to it. It instead recorded all files to my iPhone and rather quickly I got an alert that my phone’s space was full. I emailed and called tech support and am still awaiting a reply. I did find other complaints on the same problem and it appears to be only with some cameras, not all.

vimtag contact filled out

Support Contact Form

Other features all worked as they should. They were easy to use and figure out.


vimtag easy setup

There are many options on the app, which makes it one of the nicest of the wireless security cameras that we have reviewed. The various settings allow for setting up motion detection alerts and recordings, as well as allowing you to tweak your video settings. There’s a lot to check out with it, but it’s all very easy to figure out and set up so it does not become overwhelming.

The app responded well with the camera in live mode, there was at times a little lag but nothing major. We even put the camera outside (it’s not an outdoor model so we don’t recommend this) and it still did very well.

Final Opinion:¬†Answer to my title question…. YES, good for all

Overall the quality of the camera is good, as is the video. Only complaints would again be with the audio and SD card. The audio does come in well for listening just not very well for communicating. The SD card issue seems to be hit or miss and very rare from what I found online in complaints. The camera is returnable and with Amazon a return would be easy, so if you find that the SD card issue is a problem, I would simply ask for an exchange for one that hasn’t got the issue.

I recommend this camera as a security camera, baby or pet cam. Most cameras have terrible two way audio, so I don’t find this as an issue to not buy it. This one actually has better audio than most I have reviewed, it just isn’t quite good enough yet that it can be skipped altogether as a bit of a problem. As far as zoom, pan, tilt, playback, video quality and everything else goes, all worked very well and it’s staying up in my house.