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A Review of the Splice App: The Free Mobile Video Editor


A Review of the Splice App: The Free Mobile Video Editor

If you’re looking for a free mobile video editor then the Splice app is probably one of the first things you will see. Unfortunately, you might be hesitant to download and try something that is going to suck, especially if you’re using your bandwidth, or have limited space on your phone.

So, here is a quick review of the Splice app, and an overview of what you can do with it.

What Can the Splice App Do?

The Splice app is a video editing app for iOS and Android, and it is completely free. The app includes a couple of different features that allow you to create and edit movies using both photo, video, and titles.


Create Picture Slideshows – You can import photos from your camera roll and then create a photo slideshow at any speed you like. You will be promoted to add transitions, which you can change if you do not like them, and you can add music as well. The standard speed uses about 6 seconds per photo, but you can speed it up as much as you like.

Splice app review

Add Music – You can also delete the audio track on your video (or make it louder) and add an audio track using either some of the free music samples provided by Splice or music from your phone. You can add up to two tracks and record a layer of audio of you speaking should you like. You can also set the audio to begin at a certain time, set the song to begin at a specific time on the song, and raise or lower the volume of the backing track. Overall, it’s a fairly sophisticated but easy to use system, and quite impressive for a free app.

Splice app review

Crop Video – If you want to use Splice to remove parts of your video then you can, however, it is only for removing parts at the front and back of the video, and not clipping out parts in the middle. However, you can clip the video to a certain point, and then re-add the video and trim it to the part where you wanted to start back up, which essentially allows you to crop out middle parts. This brings us to the next feature on Splice.

Add Video – If you want to create a single video with more than one video clip, then Splice makes it extremely easy. All you have to do is tap the + button on the video once you’ve imported something. You can add video and photos to the same project with no problems.

Splice app review

Speed Up Video – Splice allows you to speed up your video as much as 2x, which is considerably faster than the original. If you’re willing to save and reimport the video each time, you can speed it up as much as you want, 2x at a time.

Export – Exporting with Splice is easy, and all you have to do is tap the ‘Export’ button , choose whether you want the file in large quality or medium quality, and then wait for it to finish. A test export of a 10 minute video took about ten minutes to export, which is considerably less time than YouTube takes.

Review of the Splice App

I’ve been using Splice for three months for my YouTube and Instagram and it’s actually very impressive for a free app. So far I have had zero issues with it, it has not crashed, and it does offer all of the basic features that I would want in terms of cropping, speeding up/slowing down video, and adding audio. If you are looking for a video effects app, then Splice isn’t for you, but if you want to fine tune your videos and make them a little bit more presentable without changing the lighting, then Splice is the perfect free app for the job.