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A Review of Kinguin the Online Discount Steam Game Webshop


A Review of Kinguin the Online Discount Steam Game Webshop

Anyone looking for discount Steam game keys is sure to come across Kinguin at one point or another. Whether recommended by a friend, it comes up in search, or you find it on a forum, Kinguin is extremely large and actually very popular. The website offers discounted Steam game codes, as well as codes for other items, like Xbox Skins, and similar. Most newcomers are likely wondering one thing, is Kinguin legit and safe to use.

The answer is a little bit more complex than that, but in short, yes, you can use Kinguin safely. But, if you want to know more, keep reading

Why is Kinguin So Cheap?

Kinguin is a Hong Kong company that partners with a variety of countries around the world that have cheaper Steam Game prices. They also partner with American and British or Western European retailers who want to cheaply dispose of Steam game codes that they may have gotten as gifts or purchased too many of. This allows Kinguin to offer greatly discounted prices. For example, partnering with Russia allows Kinguin to reduce the cost of Steam game keys by about 20-70%. They do, of course, add their own fee over the top, but you are able to quickly and easily purchase a working Steam game key at a discount for use in your country.

Kinguin also allows individual retailers to upload and sell their own games and Steam keys, just like other retailers like This makes a lot of sense on an individual marketplace level, but also means that you’re not necessarily buying from a verified company. The good news is that every Kinguin retailer has a review function, and you can see who you’re buying from at every step of the checkout process.

So, Is It Safe to Buy from Kinguin?

Kinguin is one of if not the most popular secondary Steam game code websites thanks to it’s affordable prices, and for the most part, it is extremely safe to purchase on the site. While there have been occasional incidences, where users ended up having their Steam codes cancelled, Kinguin has a refund policy, and they will give you your money back.

You can usually think of Kinguin as something like eBay, where individual sellers are mostly trustworthy, and bad sellers will usually have bad reviews.

How Quickly do Kinguin Games Arrive?

Kinguin games do not show up instantly, but for the most part, they show up in 15 minutes to 24 hours. This depends on the seller, their time zone, and their distribution method. You can also see how fast sellers take to send the code in their reviews and steer clear of those who take too long if you’re hoping for quick access to a game. Steam game keys on Kinguin are typically delivered by eMail and might be a photo of the key on the back of a box or on a card, or just the code. It really is up to the seller.

Plus, you can usually start downloading a Steam Game without the key, so that it’s ready to go once you have the key.

Should You Purchase from Kinguin?

Kinguin is a generally safe online service that provides refunds and seller reviews, and it’s one of the largest secondary marketplaces online. You can usually get discounts of about 30% on even high end games, which is great if you play a lot of different games or are just on a low budget However, it is not an official marketplace, which means there will always be some small amount of risk. If you’re looking for 100% zero hassle and don’t mind paying extra to purchase from an official game store, then Kinguin probably isn’t for you. You can find plenty of deals on Humble Bundle and Amazon Games which frequently offer sales and are legit marketplaces. However, Kinguin is always a sale, and with over 40,000 happy customers, they’re also vouched for a lot. In fact, I’ve never personally had a bad experience, which is saying something since I can’t say that about eBay or even Amazon.

What do you think? Would you buy from secondary retailers? Or do you prefer to stick to official stores?