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A Review of Is It Legit


A Review of Is It Legit is a website that offers extremely cheap and discounted games for PC, Mac, and Steam game clients, and with discounts of as much as 75%, it’s hard not to be tempted by the platform. The G2A marketplace does look nice, but you’re probably wondering if it’s legit, what they’re offering, and whether or not you should start buying all of your games there.

G2A is like Kinguin, another cheap game website, and it offers discounts on everything.

How Does It Work?

How does sell games so cheap? The Hong Kong website actually partners with a Polish website, which does have cheaper games, but also gets games at Polish prices, which are significantly lower than American and Western European rates. They buy the games in bulk in bundles from retailers in those countries, which allows them to charge much lower prices. It then adds it’s own fee to the price, and sells the game key in western markets. You could go to, but the site is in Polish, prices are not in USD, and you’ll need a European bank card to check out (no PayPal allowed).

G2A also has a marketplace of sellers, who usually list their Steam Game Keys at very affordable prices. This is great if you’re looking for cheaper than the G2A rate, but you are buying from random people.

So, Is G2A Legit?

If buying from an obscure polish retailer doesn’t sound like fun to you, don’t worry. The site is 100% legit as are all of the G2A official games. However, the G2A marketplace allows anyone to list games at or under the G2A price, which means that you can get games cheaper, but they’re likely from unverified sources. Another concern is that G2A isn’t a verified Steam key retailer like Green Man Gaming or Humble Bundle so while prices are cheaper than Green Man, the keys have a possibility of being stolen or even not legit. The good news is that G2A offers protection and allows you to rate sellers. If you have a bad experience, you rate the seller as bad, so everyone else knows to stay away.

Should You Buy From G2A?

G2A is a legit gaming website that does allow you to quickly and easily purchase Steam game keys for the client of your choice. It tells you which platforms the games are available for on the page, and allows you to choose your language upfront. You can also scroll through sellers and choose the best one.

You do have to watch what you buy. For example, some games are region locked to a location, so while you might find BioShock Infinite for just $7, it might also be location locked to Poland or Russia, and that’s the only place and language you’ll be able to play in. Luckily, these are always well listed and outlined on the marketplace, so you just have to read the listing before you hit purchase. The best thing is to pay the few bucks more and buy directly from G2A instead of from the resellers, because you never know if the key was purchased with a stolen credit card or similar, which means it could be cancelled 3 months down the road. Your G2A shield will cost a few bucks if you want it, and will protect you if the key doesn’t work at first, but likely won’t if it stops working later. If you’re in a specific country, like the UK, you might be tempted to look for G2A UK sellers, who are identified by their flag next to their listing and their reviews. Sellers from Western countries are more likely to have purchased the games in Humble Bundle or on sale, or gotten them as a gift, but the keys should still work, but they aren’t necessarily safer. Because eastern european and asian countries can usually source games more affordably, they’re more likely to be legally cheap.

If you’re still a bit nervous, you can try Humble Bundle, although they mostly sell Indie Games, Green Man Gaming, or stalk Amazon and Steam for sales, where games can be extremely cheap. For example, I got all of the Dead Space games on Humble Bundle for $20 for the entire set (choose your own price), I also got all of the borderlands for $25 total on an Amazon sale with a one year online pass, and on Steam, I’ve bought dozens of games for 75-80% off during sales. You just have to watch the sales, make sure you have game money, and buy them.

Kinguin is also a little bit stricter and safer, with similar prices, so you can check there as well.

That aside, G2A is a perfectly great marketplace and I’ve never had a problem with it. In fact, it’s one of my favorite places to buy games.

How Long Do You Wait for Game Keys with G2A?

G2A generally sends their game keys out same day, which is great. Sellers can be a little slower. However, you shouldn’t expect an instant key, and you won’t get one unless you’re really lucky.

Unverified game sites are still a grey area, but even if something goes wrong and your game key doesn’t work, you can get a refund from G2a. In fact, in January of 2015, when over 2,000 people had their Ubisoft games cancelled after it was found that they were purchased via an stollen credit card, G2A refunded over $170,000. Considering that the initial error lies with Ubisoft for allowing someone to make that many game purchased with the same credit cards, G2A’s refunding was a very good thing to do. Are it completely safe? No. But if something goes wrong, G2A does have customer support to help.