A Review of CCleaner Professional and Professional Plus

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A Review of CCleaner Professional and Professional Plus

A Review of CCleaner Professional and Professional Plus

CCleaner is one of the best free tools you can download for Mac or Windows, but what about the premium version? With over 1 billion downloads, there’s no question as to whether or not CCleaner is a great product or not, in fact I’ve had it on every one of my computers, but is it worth paying the extra money to upgrade to professional? Let’s find out.

What’s the Difference Between Professional, Professional Plus, and Free?

CCleaner has three levels of their computer cleaning program, and each has its own features.






Professional Plus

 Faster ComputerYesYesYes
 Privacy ProtectionYesYesYes
 Complete CleaningNoYesYes
 Real-time MonitoringNoYesYes
 Automatic UpdatingNoYesYes
 DefragmentationNo NoYes
 File RecoveryNo NoYes
 Hardware AnalysisNo NoYes
Price FREE$19.95$39.95


The main difference is that if you get CCleaner, you only get basic cleaning and privacy cleaning through blocking and deleting tracking cookies. With Professional, you get more complete cleaning, real time monitoring, and you won’t have to update it yourself. With Professional Plus, you also get the added benefit of defragmentation, file recovery, and hardware analysis. Importantly, most of these services are available through other free products from Piriform, but you will have to download them individually.

How Does it Work

ccleaner 1

CCleaner Pro and Pro Plus clean cookies, the computer registry, leftover files from deleting programs allow you to clear up space on your computer, so that you can browse more quickly, load your computer more quickly at start, and save space. The startup manager allows you to easily select and deselect programs that launch when your computer starts up, which can boost startup time.

ccleaner 2

The file uninstaller allows you to access your program manager to quickly and easily fully uninstall files. Duplicate Finder makes it easy to find duplicate files on your computer and delete them. Disk Analyzer tells you which types of files take up the most space on your computer so that you can delete the right files.

ccleaner 3

CCleaner Pro also has a System Restore manager where you can access your system restore points and delete them or launch them. Wipe Drive allows you to delete everything on a drive (not a good idea unless you don’t want any data on it at all).

ccleaner 4

You can also use settings to mark files and cookies that you do not want to delete, set up automatic monitoring and file deletion (not available on the free version), and allows you to clean the entire computer at once, including for different users.

Is It Worth It?

With a few extrea features, CCleaner Professional can be useful, especially if you’re using it as your primary computer cleaner. However, the real time monitoring, complete cleaning, and automatic updating options aren’t that noticeable for most. Instead, buying it is more of a nice gesture for Piriform, as it’s really only $20 for a lifetime license, and will be one of the most useful programs you own.

For Pro Plus, you might want it if you don’t want to download a defragmenter, file recovery, or hardware analysis software, and again, the main value is giving something back to Piriform, as you can still get each of these features for free via the companies other free products.

Should you go Pro? If you use CCleaner a lot, or really like the program, then it is a good idea. Paying for products gives you a small boost in features, and allows you to support one of the companies providing one of the best ad-free programs on the web.

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