888 Poker Review – The Real Money Texas Hold’em Poker Games App

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888 Poker Review – The Real Money Texas Hold’em Poker Games App

888 Poker Review – The Real Money Texas Hold’em Poker Games App

Everyone loves poker and Texas Hold’em is where it’s at if you want a fun, fast game with very little commitment. But, while playing in apps is all fun, it’s not the same as playing with real money. If you’re looking for the thrill of betting actual money and testing your poker playing prowess with real stakes on the game, you need a real money poker app. While there are a lot of options available, I chose 888 Poker – Real Money Texas Hold’em. The app is available for iOS users in the UK, and allows you to play poker, place real bets, and cash out frequently so you don’t lose your money. Plus, with a £20 joining bonus, it’s an easy choice if you want to look around before you commit and invest.  

But, is it worth downloading and will you love it after you get started? We reviewed the app to find out so you don’t have to.  

What’s in the 888 Poker – Real Money Texas Hold’em App? 

888 poker app

888 Poker features a stripped down interface with a simple menu allowing you to easily find your options and get started playing. The poker table itself is situated on a dark background that’s easy to view and not glaring like some options, which is great for playing for longer periods or in the dark.  

Getting set up is easy, did not require a deposit, and I was playing at practice tables in a few minutes after downloading the app. Games are fast, fun, and there are plenty of features to keep you interested, different play options, and scheduled tournaments, which I personally love because I can plan to join in on a game and make the time to play seriously.  


  • * Multiple poker games and play options  
  • * SNAP Fast-Fold Poker (Fold and immediately get a new game hand) 
  • * Scheduled Tournaments  
  • * Sit & Go games  
  • * Betting Ranges starting at 1c  
  • * Practice tables  

In App Purchases – You can easily purchase credit to gamble with using your App Store credit card or a gift card. Purchases are right in the app and you won’t have to leave the screen. This is great because it offers the security of Apple purchases, so if you have an issue you can take it up with the Apple store.  

Bonus – You get your bonus over a period of 7 days and each part expires within 24 hours, which prevents you from getting £20 and immediately withdrawing it. This does allow you to place small bets every day for the first week without investing anything, and if you win, you can continue to play with your money or withdraw it once you hit $10. Overall, it’s a great way to try out the app for free.  

Login Issues – Some users did note login issues, but if this happens, you should be able to solve the problem by contacting Cassava Enterprises. Importantly, if your account shows suspicious activity, they may delete it, but you can have it reinstated or you money refunded by contacting them as well. 

Is 888 Poker Legit and Safe to Play? 

The first thing you should be asking before you download any real money poker app is “Is it legit”. In the case of 888 Poker, that’s a definite yes. The app is owned by Cassava Enterprises, one of the largest online gambling brands out there. The company is located in Gilbratar, and has been a prominent part of the online gambling scene since 1997. And, with a revenue of $454 million, they’re also one of the most successful. 888 is their online brand, which is repped by poker greats like Chris Moorman. That makes this app a lot safer than almost any other real money poker app out there, simply because it’s backed by a prominent brand with a large investment in their reputation. If you do have an issue, they will help you to resolve it.  

Review of 888 Poker – Real Money Texas Hold’em Poker Games App  

The 888 Poker Real Money Texas Hold’em Poker Games app has a lot to offer for gamers who want to play with real money. The app is secure, includes scheduled tournaments and fast play, and allows you to get started for free so you can ensure that you like the app before you start playing. Overall, it’s a great choice if you’re looking to get started with real money poker. 


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