5 Vintage Games that Have Become Online Hits

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5 Vintage Games that Have Become Online Hits

5 Vintage Games that Have Become Online Hits

If you cast your mind back several decades, playing games involved sitting around a board, rolling dice and moving counters by hand – or visiting your local bingo hall on a Friday night. Today, however, gaming has evolved into the online world, incorporating a number of innovative features, including 3D graphics, connectivity with people from all over the world and on-the-go gaming via your smartphone.

Nevertheless, for those who still love some of the more traditional games, these have been brought into the 21st century and all without losing any of the magic and excitement they provided us with many years ago.

To help you rediscover all those childhood favourites (or to find out what Mum and Dad are talking about when they discuss their youth!), here are five vintage games you can now play online:

  1. Bingo


bingo gameUp until recently, many would have associated bingo with a gaggle of older women descending on their local bingo hall – and they’d have been quite right. However, the game dates back many years (as far back as the 1500s when it was originally called beano!), and was once a form of Italian lottery. The tell-tale grid was then developed in France before the game moved to Germany where it also became an educational tool for young children. When the game finally arrived in America in the 20th century, it became bingo, after someone mistakenly shouted “bingo” instead of “beano” when they got a winning line.

Now, thanks to online bingo sites, fans of this thrilling game can play from the comfort of their own home – and without losing any of the social aspect involved. With a variety of games available (including traditional bingo setups) and an online community, bingo has become a popular pastime for the young and old alike. In fact, statistics indicate that it’s now one of the most popular sports in Britain, with 1.9 million people playing the game each year.

  1. Monopoly

monopoly game

In 2015, Monopoly turned 80. Since it was first released in 1935, the game has changed dramatically, with over a billion people playing the game at some point during their life. Over the years, the appearance of the Monopoly board has changed, and some locations have produced their own version of the game. For example, when you look online you’ll find Monopoly versions for London (the classic edition) and a World Edition (where you buy houses in prestigious cities from across the globe, including Barcelona and Rome).

Despite there being so many variations, the aim of the game remains the same – try and force your fellow players into bankruptcy while building a rich property empire for yourself in the process.

  1. Chess

chess game

As one of the oldest games known to man (it dates back over 1500 years), the rules of chess have changed somewhat over the years. But nothing has changed chess more than innovative technology, beating even the most esteemed chess masters from around the world. However, chess champions have put this advanced computer-processing power to good use, by enlisting them as training tools and looking for new moves into some of the best-known positions.

Even a bog-standard chess app for your smartphone can beat someone who’s not at master level, and no computer’s been challenged on even terms by a grandmaster since 1995. But anything is possible, as they say.  

  1. Dominoes

dominoes game

Another classic game, but much more simple to get your head around than chess, dominoes actually evolved from dice. That’s why, in a standard domino set, you’ll find all the rolls possible with two six-sided dice represented.

Believed to have started out life in the 12th century in China, dominoes became popular throughout Europe in the 1700s, being taken up by people in pubs and parlours alike. Thankfully, today, you don’t need to gather all your friends and family in the parlour (your front room) as instead, there are single-player options available online. Or, for something a little different, why not try your hand at Mah-Jong, which is a more modern tile game that’s evolved from traditional domino sets?

  1. Cluedo

cluedo game

Finally, no traditional gaming session would be complete without playing the classic whodunit game – Cluedo. First created by Anthony E. Pratt who described himself as an introvert who was full of imagination notions, speculations and ruminations, Clue (as it was originally called) was officially released in 1949. It became one of America’s favorite board games before being sold across the world in more than 40 countries.

Today, murder-mystery enthusiasts can choose to play other real-life opponents or the computer, with up to six players joining in at one time. Online and downloadable versions are available, all of which add in a few extra twists to help enhance the overall experience and air of mystery that surrounds the game.

So, there you have it, some of the most iconic games of all time that have been brought to life in the modern-day world!

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