5 Tips to Conducting a Virtual Interview That Keeps The Candidate Interested

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5 Tips to Conducting a Virtual Interview That Keeps The Candidate Interested

5 Tips to Conducting a Virtual Interview That Keeps The Candidate Interested

Job interviews done through video conferencing, also called virtual interviews or online interviews, are a great way to maximize the time and effort of  your company’s human resources department. You will no longer have to worry about the logistics of the interviews, for one thing. Plus, there will be no need for candidates to risk being late to the meeting, since they can attend from the comfort their own home. While most articles focus on the mistakes that candidates make during the online interview, there are also a few of these mistakes that could apply to the interviewer, too. In this article, we will discuss a few tips for how to successfully interview a candidate online, as well as some of the boo-boos that you should avoid while conducting the virtual interview so that they don’t walk away.

1. Prepare Your Interview Questions Beforehand

Nothing can turn off a potential new employee more than an interviewer who does not even seem prepared to ask the right questions. If you have to, you can keep a list of your most common questions next to you so that you have a guide you can always refer back to. The best thing to do, though, is to practice your interview beforehand so that you can project an air of confidence. That way, the candidate is more likely to take you seriously. Great questions to ask during an online or virtual interview are the same as those during an in-person interview. Just keep in mind though that the questions should include those that bring out actual experience from your candidate’s job history and not ones that the candidate can do a quick search on the internet for the answer to your question.

2. Wear Something Appropriate from Head to Toe

Just because you are conducting a virtual interview using video conferencing technology it does not mean that you can get away with talking to a candidate in your pajamas. While only the upper half of your body is visible most of the time, you might have to stand up to get something, and that could expose your bottom half. There have been many horror stories of candidates standing up to take a quick break only to realize that they forgot to put some pants on. Don’t risk it. If you would wear your best outfit in full when meeting a candidate in person, do the same for online interviews. Make sure that you have washed and ironed your clothes, too, as nothing looks worse than an interviewer in crumpled tops or stained collars.

3. Make Sure Your Set Up Is Great

One common mistake that interviewees make during online interviews is to attend the interview while they are sitting in a dark room, according to CBS News. If candidates can make this mistake, so can you, so do what you can to avoid it. Make sure to hold the interview in a room where there will be enough natural light. That way, you can be sure that you remain visible at all times. If you do not have access to natural light, ask your boss if you have any lamps you can borrow in order to rectify the problem. As much as possible, choose a soundproof room, too, so that the candidate does not overhear any confidential information or—worse—office gossip that may make them change their mind about joining your company. You can use a headset that has noise cancellation in order to further filter out the outside noise

4. Remain Professional Over the Internet

While free video conferencing solutions may be a decent temporary solution for a startup, a company with more experience under its belt will want to use something more robust. That’s because by using a free software solution or service for the interview, your potential new recruits might perceive your company as too cheap. Plus, free online conferencing solutions do not always have the features that you need the most. That could cause them to turn to other employers for better options. As for which service to try, you may want to try a service like BlueJeans enterprise video conferencing solutions, as they come with many features that can have many different applications across your company.

5. Be Mindful of Your Own Body Language

Your body language can say so much about your personality, so do not just watch out for the candidate’s facial expressions and movements. Try to be aware of your own as well while conducting the interview, as you may be projecting an undesirable image without even realizing it. For starters, do not lean back, as that can make you look arrogant. However, do not lean forward, either, as you will look too aggressive, according to Forbes. Other things to watch for include not playing with your pen or tapping your foot, as these could be signs of impatience, which could either unnerve the candidate or make them decide not to push through with their application.

Keep these hiring tips in mind the next time you have to conduct an interview virtually, and you will be sure to give off an image of professionalism. Think of it this way: if you were the one being interviewed, how would you want your interviewer to look and act? Then, apply those characteristics to yourself. You will soon notice your interviews going much more smoothly than usual.

Want more tips to use while conducting interviews online or being the one interviewed, check out page 2.

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