5 Things to Know About For Honor Before Release

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5 Things to Know About For Honor Before Release

5 Things to Know About For Honor Before Release

Somewhere between Far Cry, and Assassin Creed, Ubisoft sneakily worked on a new IP that would throw away the trademark gameplay aspect we’ve come to expect from a Ubisoft game. Revealed in 2015 by a spectacular CGI trailer made by Tomasz Bagiński’s Platige Image, For Honor for some time remained a mystery.

Thankfully after the For Honor trailer was released actual information started flooding in, and we were given a treat of a truly fresh video game built around an old question that has sparked many wars: who would win in a fight- a knight, a Viking, or a samurai?
Since the release date comes very soon, it’s as good a time as any to sum up the most important and/or interesting things we know about For Honor.

1. Rock, Paper, Samurai – The Combat System

On the surface the combat mechanic in For Honor is quite simple, simplistic even. Pick one of three stances by moving your pad’s stick left, right or up. The stance defines the direction of your attack and which side is guarded against enemy attacks. Simple, isn’t it? But we have only just begun.

Kick it up a notch

The combat system at its core is fun enough, but not really something to get hardcore gamers’ attention. This is where all the other maneuvers come in. See, the three-stance mechanic is only the foundation. For Honor has tackling for the hasty, feints for the tricky, environmental hazards, guard breaks… And then there are special abilities unique to each class (more about them later on) to further diversify the gameplay. The complexity of possible actions paired with apparent simplicity of controls may make For Honor a chess-like experience, if chess was about dismembering your enemies and dancing on their graves. One way or another, the developers were clearly going for an “easy to learn – hard to master” vibe and it seems that they succeeded.

2. Singleplayer Campaign

For some time we had been led to believe that For Honor was not going to have a singleplayer component. Well, that’s not entirely true. It’s just that most focus was on showcasing the multiplayer, and for good reason, since it is going to be the true meat of the game, with luck sustaining it for years to come. But the singleplayer is there, and it’s allegedly quite good.

Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale…

According to PCGamesN For Honor campaign is going to have three intertwining stories, each about a champion of a different faction: the Warborn, the Iron Legions, or the Chosen. What’s interesting, each will be narrated by somebody else, like a man who knighted the Legions’ champion.

Of wolves and sheep

The campaign will provide context to the core conflict of the game. A quite mysterious, and likely very sociopathic, female warrior known as Apollyon (Greek for ‘destroyer’) alongside a group of likeminded individuals called “the Blackstone Legion” aims to foster distrust and hostility between the Chosen, Legions, and Warborn in an effort to weed out the weak. Or so she claims. Her true motivations may be hidden and discoverable only by playing the campaign.

3. Plenty of classes

For Honor multiplayer has a total of 12 classes, four per faction. They are roughly categorized into four classes: Heavy, Vanguard, Assassin, and Hybrid. Don’t be misled, though. The Viking Heavy, Warlord, is not going to be similar to the Shugoki of the Chosen, and either will have little in common with the Iron Legions’ Conqueror. True, they are all classified as tanks, but the weapons, skills, maneuvers, and the general handling is going to be different. And the same applies to all classes.

Warden, Raider, and Kensei
Source: forhonor.ubisoft.com

For Honor gameplay is going to take quite some time to master, it seems. Maybe it would be better to master just a few? On the other hand, there is so much customization to unlock for each class…

4. Make your warrior your own

We are going to play as heroes, so we have to look the part. Especially in For Honor multiplayer standing out from the crowd (figurative and literal) will be important. Which is where the expansive customization system comes in. The customization will be available from the very beginning, and a large part of progression will be focused on giving you even more options to play with. Pick and choose different components and versions of your armor and weapons, and create a truly unique warrior.

What about the stats?

Gear is going to have some inherent stats to improve your character beyond the purely visual, but they will not be large enough to upset the balance. Which is essential, since any component can look like another of the same type thanks to an easily accessible transmogrification. So don’t worry, you won’t have to trade an awesome-looking crossguard for a lame one, with a hypothetical +2 to speed, for instance. And either way, there will be no substitute for skill.

5. For Honor multiplayer

It’s all fine and dandy, but what about the true selling point of the game? Well, it’s going to be interesting. Going against the grain, Ubisoft decided that less is more when they worked on For Honor multiplayer. Of the announced modes, none offers a team bigger than 4, for a total of eight players per map at most. And it’s probably for the best, since For Honor’s combat system is better suited 1v1 fights.

Warden vs Kensei
Source: forhonor.ubisoft.com

There are three 100% confirmed modes: a rather straightforward 1v1 Duel, and two 4v4 ones: Dominion (point control scenario), and Elimination (no respawn scenario, playing out more or less like four simultaneous duels).
Moreover, there will be a metagame, in which you will gain glory for your chosen faction, much like in the faction war in Mortal Kombat X. After each 10 week season the members of winning faction will receive loot relative to their general activity in the war.

Closing statements

One way or another For Honor is going to be remembered. Either as a multiplayer hit of 2017 or a new Daikatana-scale disappointment. For all of our sakes I hope for the former. The premise and systems revealed to us show a clear vision and passion for the project that makes For Honor stand out from all the shooter and open world games that seem to populate our hard drives lately.
For Honor release date comes right on the Valentine’s Day, so if you and significant other enjoy some old-school plunder and wholesome carnage to the sound of horns and war drums, buy For Honor now and be the first ones in the battlefield.

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