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The 5 Best Smart Watches

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The 5 Best Smart Watches

Here are five great smart watches that are pretty new on the market. They are pretty new because the whole concept of smart watches is new. A lot of people thought they would be a massive success and the must-have item, and a lot of people thought they would flop because they are just small Smartphones (so why not buy a Smartphone?). As it happens, the smart watch has fallen just in the middle of both predictions, both doing well but not fantastic. Here are five you should look out for.

1 – Sony Smartwatch 2 SW2

sony 2 sw 2

It was obvious to anybody that if the whole smart watch idea was going to hit it big, then Sony would be bouncing around the first floor waiting to be taken up. They have created a new smart watch and it does feel like an improvement on the first. Actually, it is as if they have taken all the criticism of the first version and improved it. But, of all the manufacturing policies you cannot fault them for fixing what is broken. That is why it is currently doing rather well on the market. Part of that success is also due to the fact you can get it with the iOS operating system and the Android operating system.

2 – Pebble Smartwatch

Pebble smartwatc

The creators of this watch did a good job in building it, and made it rather popular with a very large and broad marketing campaign. This is one of the first companies to make the idea of a smart watch something that people will get on board with. It is very well built but like most watches is lacking in software.

This may be because the industry is not fully developed yet (a little like how mobile phones were before the Apple iPhone), and it may be because the device is so small that it cannot have lots of software and processing power. They have a steel case version which is far more popular than plastic versions. It feels and looks a little more like a watch rather than a small phone strapped to your arm. This sort of thing may become more popular in the future if smart watches have a place in the future. They have also added a leather strap, which again makes it appear more like a watch than a new gadget.

3 – Martian Smartwatch

martian smartwatch

This is a great watch because it has a voice command. It can also work with your Smartphone too, which means some of your Smartphone functions may become hands free as you control them with your smart watch. Some think it is a nice extension of their Smartphone. The voice control is really a big seller when it comes to this model.

4 – ConnecteDevice Cookoo Smartwatch

cookoo watch

This is a very well made smart watch that has dispensed with the bells and whistles and has just gone for being good at what it does. It can act as an extension of a Smartphone so that you may use both in tandem. This sort of thing may become the new norm for smart watches. The manufactures have played it safe with this simple but effective build and design–and should be applauded for it.

5 – I’m Watch Smartwatch

i'm watch

This is a very modern looking smart watch and that may account for some of its popularity. If people are going to wear another piece of technology, then they want it to appear to be more than a small and cheap Smartphone strapped to their wrist. When it was released the software was not up to scratch, but updates have helped to make this watch more and more popular. It has a good build and is no less worthy of a top spot than any other model on this list, but its main selling point in most people’s eyes is how it looks.

Why are they not more powerful and feature packed?

Glasses that you wear that also act as mobile devices are a popular concept (although not particularly a popular product), and yet they have a lot of software and technology despite their small size, so why is it that not even the best smart watches available today are still not really all that packed with technology? Part of that could be due to their size, but one finds that argument lacking when you consider the size of smart glasses.

Google Glass Project


That means that the most plausible reason glasses may have more features than a smart watch is because one can imagine charging up your glasses before you use them for the day, but few people are going to want to charge their watch every day. It is possible that the lack of variety when it comes to software, and the lack of processing power is because a lot of the device is dedicated to the battery. Perhaps with time this is something that can be remedied and they will soon have all the features one could ever want in a smart watch, and they’ll work great too; something still lacking in most smart watches.

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