5 Best Free Apps for Editing Selfies

5 Best Free Apps for Editing Selfies

If you’re taking a lot of photos then playing with them and changing the lighting, color, or style can be a lot of fun, even if you never share them. Editing selfies is a great way to see what you look like in different styles, without unexpected acne, or with makeup and other looks applied. These five free apps will allow you to edit your selfies for whatever the reason.

Photoshop – One of the best apps if you primarily want to clean up lighting, remove grain, and add a filter. This app is free, and you get access to most of the filters and functionalities for free by signing up to an account. You can also purchase filter packs separately. Key features are light adjustment, blemish remover, and grain remover, which you can use to reduce lighting or smooth out your skin.

VSCO Cam – VSCO cam offers a great deal of functionality as well as some of the best filters available. You can use it for editing selfies, taking photos, or adding filters. It has some light editing tools, but they aren’t as sophisticated as Photoshop’s.

Perfect 365 – Perfect 365 allows you to adjust lighting, smooth your skin tone, whiten your teeth, remove blemishes, add makeup, and adjust your face based on a number of different looks. It does not have a sophisticated light editing tool and is definitely for those who want to add on makeup. Additional looks and makeup effects are available for purchase.

Airbrush – Airbrush is a free app that allows you to add light photoshop like adjustments to your photos including light editing, spot removal, teeth whitening, concealer effects, skin tone adjustments, and much more. It does take time to use, but you can adjust the effects to create subtle edits.

Modiface– Modiface is a free editing app that allows you to adjust skin tone, add makeup, and more. The app is primarily aimed at allow you to add makeup to your look, and allows you to customize where your lips and eyes are for better results. You will have to see ads, not all of the colors are free, and not all are perfect but it can be fun.

Visage Lab – Visage lab allows you to take a photo or import one from your camera and then automatically applies looks. You can deselect them and retouch afterwards. The process takes a few minutes and includes skin makeup, eye makeup, teeth whitening, glamour, shine removal, wrinkle smoothing, and color enhancement. You can also add filters, backgrounds, lighting adjustments, and color adjustments. Most edits are little over the top, and you will have to look at a lot of ads.

Cream Cam – Despite the iffy name, Cream Cam allows you to instantly add skin perfecting smoothing to your photos, and adjust it afterwards. You can also adjust brightness. While not perfect, it’s great for adding an instant skin based filter to your photo without affecting your skin tone.

Many photo editing apps go a little over the top, which is why we prefer simple ones like photoshop. You can clear up the lighting, adjust the grain, and if you have acne that you didn’t have last week, remove it with the blemish remover. You can use all of the filters you want, and there are plenty of apps for that as well. Most importantly, have fun.

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