How To Do A YouTube Video Quickly And Easily

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How To Do A YouTube Video Quickly And Easily

How to Do a YouTube Video  

Wondering how to do a YouTube video? YouTube is a free online service that allows you to upload anything from your very own music video, a picture slideshow of your friends, family or whatever, and even video clips you’ve recorded of concerts, events or pretty much anything else. Now how about learning how to do a YouTube video?

how to do a youtube video

Choosing YouTube Video Content

The first step to learning how to do a YouTube video is to choose your content. Since you’re trying to figure out how to do a YouTube video, chances are you already have some idea of what you want to upload, so now is the time to look it over. If you want to make a picture slideshow, make sure you already have all of the photos and that they are all in the same folder. If you are using video, watch it and make sure that you’re happy with the quality and sound in the video. In the same way, any soundtracks you want to use should be in one folder so that you can access it easily while creating or editing your video. This first step of learning how to do a YouTube video will make everything else easier, so try not to skip it.

How to Do a YouTube Video: Editing Your Video


The next logical step of learning how to do a YouTube video is to edit or put your video together. If you have one recorded video that you wish to upload, you can still edit the soundtrack, edit any captions you would like it to have, or if you have the correct software, edit the appearance of the video. If you have photos, you will have to put them together with a soundtrack. For this step, you can use either Windows Live Movie Maker which comes free on most Windows Computer, or you can choose iMovie for Mac. You can also learn how to use Windows Media Maker here.

If you’re making a video with photos, you will have to import your photos and any music or audio track you choose to the program. In Windows Live Movie Maker, this step is as simple as clicking ‘Add Videos and Photos’ and then going to the file where you added everything. From there, you can arrange your video content as you like, add transitions between slides and even add captions and voiceovers. You will then have to save and publish your video. Usually the best setting is ‘Publish for the web’ and ‘Choose Optimal Size For Quality’.

how to do a youtube video

How to Upload A YouTube Video

If you’re using Windows Live Movie Maker when you learn how to do a YouTube video, you can actually upload to your YouTube account straight from there. However; you will have more control over the video’s settings and keywords if you go to the YouTube site.


How to do a Youtube Video


How to Do a YouTube Video: Checking Quality & Playback

Even if you’ve already followed the rest of the steps for learning how to do a YouTube video, you should check the quality and playback after it is on the site. Sometimes YouTube has been known to mess with video quality and even playback because the site has to convert everything over to flash. If your video has messed up, simply delete it and try again.


Privacy & Copyright Concerns

Now that you know how to do a YouTube video, it’s important to go over one of YouTube’s main concerns. They ask that if you do not own the copyright to something, that you don’t upload it. However; hundreds of thousands of users still upload pirated or copyright infringing content, and many of them are taken down. If you want to keep your video online, make sure that you aren’t infringing on copyrights before you upload it.

Learning how to do a YouTube video is easy, and anyone can do it!

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