The Top Ten 2013 Predictions in Science and Technology News

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The Top Ten 2013 Predictions in Science and Technology News

The Top Ten 2013 Predictions in Science and Technology News


By Kimberly Carver


predictions for 2013

We reviewed the great things we saw in 2012 in our Top 20 News for 2012 article that we released on the last day of the year, and now, the first day of the year of 2013, lets review what great things we can expect to see going forward. One thing I am happy to say we won’t be hearing about this year, would be anymore end of the world predictions. Although, it is reported that in December of 2013 we will be having a near death experience due to a close call with a comet. Something we are assured by scientists and astronomers will not be an issue for us. I am feeling relaxed now knowing that our government would never lie to us, so let’s get on with the rest of what we are likely to see (should we make it) in 2013, with our Top Ten 2013 predictions in science and technology!

Okay, before we begin I must confess that most of our ten 2013 predictions are not so much predicted as in a guess, but more like predicted in that we know they are going to happen. Yes, I admit that makes little sense, but that’s just how other news, science and tech sites are labeling such “predictable” happenings scheduled for 2013 so why not just go with the flow? Onward we go with the predictable predictions we know.

2013 Predictable Prediction 10: Gaia

2013 predictions show gaia satellite launching

A satellite named Gaia will be launched sometime in 2013 in order to accomplish one of the most ambitious undertakings in space exploration history. Once launched, Gaia will be creating a 3-D map of 1 billion stars, this is 1,000 times more than previous missions have been able to map and is about 1% of all the stars in the Milky Way. Astronomers are hoping this vast stellar census will help them understand the evolution and origin of the Milky Way. It is also able to monitor some asteroids, let’s hope for our sake it also monitors comets.

2013 Predictable Prediction 9: The Blind Will See…Digitally

technology to help the blind in 2013Yes, you heard and read correctly. The blind, well some of those that are blind, will have a new device available to them in 2013 that will enable their eyesight to return. This device will give eyesight to those that suffer from blindness due to retinitis pigmentosa. According to Popular Science

An artificial retina that transforms a camera feed into electric pulses that stimulate the optic nerve, providing rudimentary vision for millions of people with degenerative retinal diseases.”

This device, called the Argus II, is made by Second Sight Medical Products and is on board for FDA approval. It’s expected to be available in the U.S. market by Spring. This device may be like a miracle to some of the 100,000 people in the U.S. with retinitis pigmentosa and 10 million with degenerative retinal diseases.

2013 Predictable Prediction 8: Hacking…and We Don’t Mean From a Cough

An unfortunate prediction, yet a true prediction for 2013, is that there will be more hacker attacks than ever before on mobile phones. Why now? Cybersecurity professionals say that in the last few years our smartphones have become smarter than ever and so have criminals. This new breed of hackers has already been taking a crack at hacking smartphones, but for the most part, smartphones have escaped the botnets and viruses. Cyber criminals are not dissuaded though and our luck is not predicted to hold out for 2013. Since cybersecurity professionals say they have been able to successfully hack an iOS or Android OS, then we can predict that cyber criminals can too.

malware mobile attacks

What do they do with your phone once they hack their way in? Great question! Well, once in, these cyber jerks can now turn on your camera, your GPS, your speaker, you name it, they have control of your phone and they can spy on you like never before. Think of all of the things we say throughout the day without thinking we are being listened too. Say your credit card number, social security number, address, anything you say into that phone or even near it, can be captured and recorded or written down by the cyber thief on the other side.

More and more cell phone users are also using their phones to shop online with, and with the accelerometer they are able to track the vibrations of the keystrokes to identify the text with up to 80% accuracy. Another thing that it has been used for was by having the camera on the phone snapping pictures and then using a 3-D proof-of-concept program that stitches them together giving the attackers a really great 3-D look at your environment.

The things they can do once they infect your phone with their mobile malware is simply limitless. Turning our smartphones into smart spies has been long speculated about, and in some ways has already happened thanks to some spy apps on the market. Let’s just hope that our antivirus industry catches on quickly too and finds a way to protect us from such cyber trash.

2013 Predictable Prediction 7: Climate Changes….Yes, More of Them.

climate changes predicted to see in 2013

Scientists have warned us again that there will be more climate changes due to the man-made greenhouse gas emissions, which have been steadily increasing every year. These gases are causing our planet to continue warming and will have dire consequences that they say cannot even be understood completely at this time, meaning they don’t know the timing, locations and exact intensity of what will happen, just that we will have consequences. In 2012 we saw many weather related disasters that can be directly related to the climate change. It is only going to increase in 2013 as there is no end in sight for the path our planet is on. You can read more about our global warming issues soon in a special article we are working on, so be sure to check back later this week for that.

2013 Predictable Prediction 6: Space Race

space race with china

In 2013, a frontier once dominated by the U.S., Russia and Europe, will have new visitors. This ‘final frontier’ (yes, it’s another Star Trek reference) will now be explored by China and you guessed it, India. Did you not see that second one coming, because I didn’t. The 2 most populous nations on our planet will be launching themselves into space in 2013, with China aiming for the ever popular destination party place of the universe, the moon, and India going for a bit more of the nostalgic, good ole’ Mars. Don’t worry though, it’s just their own orbiter and lander they are sending to these locations, they won’t be taking over the real estate anytime soon, or at least it’s not predicted that they will for 2013.

2013 Predictable Prediction 5: Space Race…Et tu Google?

google space ship

It appears that China and India won’t be alone out there in space, not if Google has anything to say about it anyway. Google’s Lunar X PRIZE of $30 million dollars is hopefully going to be awarded to whichever privately funded group wins the race. The race is to see who can build a robot explorer and successfully land it on the moon. There are 25 teams left in the race and the predicted (yes, truly predicted because they do not know) winner is the current front funner, Astrobotic, who is expected or should I say predicted, to to be launching their lander and rover by December of 2013.

2013 Predictable Prediction 4: Google Again…With Google Glass

Google glass technology

Indeed it is true that our 4th predictable prediction for 2013 is that Google Glass will be closer to consumers this year, however, although it is closer, it is also our prediction (and that of many others) that it won’t quite make it into consumers actual hands by the end of 2013.

Google Glass, what’s that? Google has a great video, provided here for you watching pleasure, that showcases its new creation quite well. If you prefer me to tell you what it is in addition to or rather than watching the video, that’s fine too.

Google Glass should be called (in my humble opinion), Google Glasses, since that is what they appear to be. These glasses turn the wearer into a bit of a cyborg by allowing you to see things through a real time visual display that also provides the user with audio and camera capabilities. They can get directions with arrows pointing the way, or maps laying it all out for them right before their eyes. They can also see alerts, talk to friends and pretty much most of what you can do with your smartphone or tablet while you’re on the go. Not everyone is loving this idea though. Many think that this device will simply add to the many deaths and injuries that are already happening due to distractions from devices we already have, and after you watch the video, you may agree with them.

2013 Predictable Prediction 3: Solar Power!

solar flares in 2013 predicted

Sorry, don’t mean to mislead you with that intro into our 3rd to last prediction for 2013, as we are not saying that we are going to be seeing some new solar power advancements, although we may, but my solar power prediction comes from an 11 year cycle, that in 2013 we are entering into. This solar power will be due to some increased solar activity that climaxes this fall, and every fall that is 11 years apart. The excess power from the sun will be noticed in the way of geomagnetic storms that may, and predicted that it will, disrupt radio transmissions, knock out some power, and even produce some auroras.

2013 Predictable Prediction 2: Animals Fight For Their Freedom

squirrel soldier

2013 Prediction: Squirrel Fights for His Right to Fight

Animal rights are in our imminent future, so says the Nonhuman Rights people. Not all animals get to fight for their rights though, including freedom, only those that the Nonhuman Rights Project believes are able to show capabilities that are  said to be ‘uniquely human’. I guess that leaves our squirrel soldier out of the picture, but it does include dolphins, elephants, parrots and chimpanzees. Their uniquely human traits are said to be language-like communication, a seeming self awareness, and complex problem solving.

The Nonhuman Rights Project say they will be bringing forth a lawsuit on the animals (mentioned above) behalf. They are suing for the freedom of these animals, such as the protection from captivity that has been previously only granted to humans. Since it hasn’t happened yet, isn’t it okay to say they predict they will do this? Trying to stick to my 2013 predictions, it’s no fun when everyone tells you what they are going to do and then do it! On to number 1!

2013 Predictable Prediction 1: More of the Same….Social Media and Tech Nonsense


The High Tech Society Will be Just as Big as CNET, Mashable, or Take Your Pick!

social media predictions

Well, even though I would love to pick title 2 in my last prediction, which was that The High Tech Society will be bigger and better than all other great tech sites, I can’t truly say it will be so. I can say that because of the amazing group of people behind The HTS, I do predict it will be bigger, better and more awesomer than it was in 2012, and this I do know for a fact so no prediction is needed.

What can I say that hasn’t yet been said though about my other title for 1st place in my top ten 2013 predictions list, I mean we’ve seen it all in 2012 when it comes to social media and tech madness. The good news is that if you liked reading about lawsuits between cellphone giants, really stupid buys like Facebook’s 1 billion dollar purchase of Instagram, Instagram being really stupid itself, and Google and Microsofts battle of search engine supremacy, then you are in luck, because 2013 promises to have plenty of that and more!

There are so many lawsuits pending regarding technology and so many new social media startups attempting to um, startup, that we are sure to have plenty to write about, giving you plenty to groan, I mean, read about. So get your reading glasses on and prepare your eyes for the future of tech news, which at this point doesn’t look very different from our past tech news.

Concluding With Unpredictable Predictions for 2013

Things we hoped or thought we would see in 2013 but probably won’t include the Apple TV Set (try 4), self driving cars being available to all of us, flexible display phones or tablets (darn, they look so cool), Apple, Samsung, Microsoft or Google dropping lawsuits, politicians playing nice, and well the list could go on forever.

Flexible tablet screen

Flexible Screen for phones or tablets

What do you think of our list of predictions for 2013? Is there anything you are looking forward to seeing this year? If so, what is it? Share! We will be sure to follow up at the end of the year to see how many of these things on our 2013 predictions list truly happened, so make sure to stay with us so you won’t miss out on our, okay my, possible humiliation if I /we was / were pretty far off on some of them.


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