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Magic Mouse Review – Is it Worth The Money

Magic Mouse Review – Is it Worth The Money

When I first purchased my Mac Mini I was loath to purchase the Apple peripherals with it. At $69 each, they seemed more than a little expensive, and considering that the last time I bought a mouse, definitely overpriced. After talking with several people who all raved about both the Apple Magic Mouse and the Apple Wireless Keyboard, I decided to take the plunge. Now, I admittedly did purchase both secondhand because I still wasn’t ready to spend $140 on peripheals, but I did still pay $30 each. Now, nearly a year of use later, here is my Magic Mouse review, I’ll review the Wireless keyboard later.

What is the Apple Magic Mouse

Apple’s Magic Mouse is a seemingly simple mouse with no great structural design other than the fact that it’s simple, smooth, and very modern. It is white, and although I would prefer black, it does look nice. The body is made of aluminum with a glass touchpad on the top, and the bottom features a small laser tracker. Inside, the Magic Mouse is powered by two AA batteries that last about 2-3 weeks on a regular charge (I highly recommend getting rechargeables or the Mobee Charger if you have it).

Magic Mouse Review

The Magic Mouse features a number of gestures, swipe control, two sided click, and multi-touch function. Shortly after getting it, I pretty much fell in love.

Magic Mouse Gestures

Probably the most impressive thing about the Magic Mouse is all of it’s gestures. Sure the Mouse looks good, but it also works incredibly well.

Right Click – Performs as a normal Right Click – Reversible in Settings

Left Click – Opens settings on object – Reversible in Settings

Swipe Left – scroll left on your screen

Swipe Right – scroll right on your screen

Two Finger Swipe – Scroll through pages, photos, or music

Forward Swipe – scroll up

Back Swipe – scroll down

360 Scroll – scroll in a circle

Control to Zoom – Hold ‘Control’ on your keyboard and scroll forward or back to zoom

Customize – You can also fully customize your Magic Mouse gesture settings under system settings

Magic Mouse Review

Magic Mouse Review

Now that you know what the Magic Mouse will do, let’s get down to the review. First and foremost, you won’t know why this mouse is special until you try it yourself. It really just sounds like a bunch of hype with people talking about it but the truth is that the Magic Mouse is awesome. It looks and feels expensive, so if you’re a fan of luxury anything, you’re going to love it. The Magic Mouse probably weighs three times what any other mouse I’ve ever owned weighs, with mostly just makes it feel more solid. It doesn’t have a cheap plastic feel because it’s not, and it is curved to fit the shape of your palm. It’s also never had a problem with tracking with me before, which is actually a first for all of the computer mice I’ve ever purchased.


  • Stylish

  • Fast & reliable

  • Customizable

  • Comfortable


  • Expensive

  • Batteries Don’t Last Long

Is the Magic Mouse Worth It?

Magic Mouse Review

If you’re looking for a quality mouse that looks as good as it feels in your hand then the Apple Magic Mouse is a great option. You do need a Bluetooth capable Mac to use it, but if you have that, then connecting is as simple as turning your Mac on and getting started. Notably, you do need a wired Mouse and Keyboard to set your Mac up, as the Bluetooth signal does not connect until the Mac is set up.

Magic Mouse Review

Other than that, connecting is a breeze, replacing batteries takes less than a minute, and the Apple Magic Mouse is quite simply the best mouse I’ve ever owned.

However, if you don’t necessarily want a ‘nice’ mouse, but rather one that ‘works’ then you can make do with a much cheaper option.