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123NetFlix Review


123NetFlix is an online movie streaming site offering the latest movie releases and blockbusters, with a generally high-quality interface and most of Netflix’s branding. If you’re not super tech savvy you might actually think 123 Netflix is a Netflix brand and be fooled into watching films on the site.

However, 123NetFlix is not affiliated with the name-brand in any way. Instead, it’s a 123Movies brand, and just one of a dozen similarly named streaming sites sharing pirated content.

If you’re considering using it, there’s a lot you should know, including your potential legal liability and risk when using a site like 123 Netflix.

What is 123NetFlix?

123NetFlix is basically a directory which links to movies found across the web. It is set up to look like you will be viewing content on the 123NetFlix site, but all of the content is hosted on other sites. Sites like 123 Netflix do this to protect themselves from anti-piracy and copyright infringement lawsuits. How would this give them any legal protection?

This way of doing things is based off of the theory that if they aren’t actually uploading the content themselves, only sharing it, they aren’t directly responsible. However, because part of copyright law involves distribution, they’re still breaking the law in most countries.

Regardless of that inconvenience fact, these types of sites also hope to claim some deniability. After all, if the movies they are linking to are on other sites, how do they know that are pirated? Maybe the sites hosting them have the rights to the movies.

Obviously, that would not hold up in court but, since it’s standard operating procedure for these sites to cycle through new domain names, it can be an effecting method of delaying getting shut down.

So, 123 Netflix shares content from across the web and deep web, meaning that some of the content you see and use can be found elsewhere and may be linked to by other similar sites.

Why Is It Online If It’s Illegal?

Sites like 123NetFlix are typically hosted in countries with looser copyright laws, or no interest in enforcing copyright laws. These countries usually have no real way of tracking or preventing piracy, and better amnesty laws. The responsible parties also do an excellent job at staying mobile. They expect their sites to get shut down and already have other domain names waiting to go live and take the place of the previous pirate site.

Can I Get in Legal Trouble?

If you’re streaming films from sites that are obviously pirated, then you are breaking copyright laws. Can you end up in legal trouble for accessing a site like 123NetFlix? You can, but the odds are against it. Most enforcement action is directed at distribution points like 123 Netflix, not end users.

With that having been said, there are exceptions. For example, in the United States your Internet provider could cut off your connection, and in the United Kingdom they do actively pursue individual viewers.

What’s the Verdict on 123NetFlix?

123NetFlix is obviously a site sharing pirated content. While they attempt to remove themselves from legal liabilities, it could end badly for you as a viewer.

Worse, while we discussed the legal issues involved, 123NetFlix has an additional problem. They have to monetize their site somehow, after all piracy is not free. This usually means using misleading ads, links, and pop-ups. Clicking the wrong button could result in your computer being infected with a virus or malware.

Signing up for a legitimate streaming movie service like Amazon Video for a year costs less than the damage from one virus contracted from a site like 123NetFlix.

While the offer to watch new releases and blockbusters for free could be a tempting one, sites like 123NetFlix can get you in trouble and in more ways than one.