123 Movies App Review – Is it Safe?

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123 Movies App Review – Is it Safe?

123 Movies App Review – Is it Safe?

123Movies is a website that promises free movie streaming for users on the browser. However, with a bit of quick searching you might quickly see that there are multiple web pages dedicated to the 123 Movies App. If you own an Android device, especially a Roku or an Android tablet, it might be tempting to try to download the app to see if you can stream videos right to your tablet or television.

However, with the proliferation of fake apps and Android malware, it’s important that you exercise caution, research apps you download, and only download legitimate apps.

What is 123Movies?

If you aren’t sure what 123 Movies is, visit our review to learn more about it. The movie streaming site claims to be legit, but hosts a variety of illegal streaming content, including media from other sources, cam rips, and other pirated files. This means that the site is illegal and you are better off streaming your movies from somewhere else.

What is the 123 Movies App?

The 123 Movie App is an installable app that you can download via APK onto an Android device. The app is a web app, which redirects you to the browser based version of the site, allowing you to watch everything from the site right on your mobile device.

How to Install the 123 Movies App

To Install the 123 Movies App, download the APK, install it on your Android phone, and run it.

  • You do not have to unlock your Android device to install the app
  • There are numerous websites set up for the app and not all of them are legitimate
  • You will have to enable 3rd party app installations to install the 123 Movies App

Review of the 123 Movies App

After downloading and reviewing the 123 Movie App APK, we came to the conclusion that you are better off skipping the download. Even if you don’t mind the fact that the movies and media on the site are primarily illegal, you are better off just visiting your browser. The app links to the mobile site, which means that it is the same experience as using a mobile browser.

In additionn, there are numerous fake downloads, many of which are viruses. This means that downloading the app is a risk, because it may infect your phone. Not all versions are legit, and you may be installing ransomware or another form of Android Malware onto your phone.

Kodi Addon

If you use Kodi you can also choose to install 123 Movies as an add-on to the app. This will enable you to access the entire 123 Movies library through Kodi. The process is also simple, as you only have to add 123 Movies as a source for Kodi. This option will allow you to access 123 Movies from your Android or iOS app, as well as from your computer and/or Kodi Box.

123 Movies largely streams illegal content and it is not recommended. You could get in legal trouble, your ISP could block the server, and your bandwidth could be crippled if you break the 6 strikes rule. There are plenty of places you can watch free movies legally, and you can visit our top 7 legit free movie streaming sites here.

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