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10 Router Setup Tips to Make Online Gaming Faster

Finding a way to relax and forget about the problems of your day is essential. The last thing you want to do is let the stress in your life become too overwhelming. Hobbies like gaming are a great way to check out of reality for a while and just have fun.

If you have a gaming console or even if you play computer games, having a strong internet connection is a must. Trying to access a weak internet signal wirelessly can be very frustrating and virtually impossible. Read below to find out more about how to setup your router to make your online gaming experience faster.

1. Use a Powerline Adapter With Your Router

One of the biggest problems most people have when trying to access a wireless network is range. In some cases, it is relatively impossible to get a strong signal if you are too far away from your access point. The best way to solve an issue like this is by investing in a powerline adapter.

These adapters allow you to use your home’s electrical outlets to further the reach of your wireless signal. By plugging in one of these adapters near your gaming console, you will be able to boost the wireless signal from your router and play without buffering constantly. These powerline adapters are both very helpful and extremely affordable.

2. Download a Wi-Fi Analyzer App

Are you having consistent issues with your wireless network and aren’t sure what to do? Downloading a Wi-Fi analyzer smartphone app is a great way to get lots of information about your wireless network. With these apps, you will be able to find out where the sweet spots on your network are and what locations to avoid.

Most people use these apps to assess how many different access points around them are using the same channel. If all of the other networks around you are using channel 1 for instance, you will be much better off switching to another channel that is not so congested. If you are unsure about how to change the channel on your router, be sure to check out this guide to access points for some helpful information.

3. Choose the Right Spot For Your Router

Selecting the right spot to put your router is essential when attempting to increase the speed of your gaming experience. One of the biggest mistakes people make when it comes to router placement is putting it directly on the floor. These routers are designed to bounce signals all over the home, which is why placing them higher up is a good idea.

If at all possible, you need to get a small shelf mounted high up on a wall to place your router on. This will make it much easier to get a stronger signal throughout your home.

4. Check What the Other Devices Connected to Your Network Are Doing

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If there are other people on your network trying to download or stream data, it is going to slow down your speeds significantly. Before starting to game, you need to do a check to see if any of the devices hooked to your network are trying to download data.

While making everyone get off of their devices so you can game won’t win you any popularity contests, it will allow you to avoid buffering. There are a number of apps out there that will allow you to look at the activity on your network. With these apps, you can pinpoint problems and address them in a hurry.

5. Parallel Match the Antenna on Your Router

Did you realize that a wireless router works best when its antennas are running parallel with each other? Regardless of if you want your antennas facing up or sideways, you need to ensure they are both in the same position for maximum speed. You may have to adjust the positioning of these antennas a few times before you find a sweet spot.

Most experts recommend letting the antennas hang off to the side for maximum speed. The time that you spend altering the position of your router antennas will pay off when you can increase your speeds.

6. Use the Gigabit Ethernet Ports on Your Router

The best way to ensure you have a fast and buffer-free gaming experience is by utilizing the power of the gigabit Ethernet ports on your router. Most gamers prefer using Ethernet over Wi-Fi due to reliability it can bring to their online adventures. Ideally, you will want to use the shortest Ethernet cable possible. The longer the Ethernet cable is, the weaker the signal will be.

7. DIY Antenna Boosting

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Did you know that placing aluminum foil or even cans around your router antenna can boost its signal? While this may sound like a crazy idea, it can actually work. Many people have claimed to have boosted the power of their Wi-Fi signal significantly by using this trick.

8. Download dd-wrt Firmware

One of the best programs to download for gamers trying to increase their wireless speed is dd-wrt. Basically, this program is like a game mod for your wireless router. With its easy to use interface, this program allows you to optimize the performance of your router with just a few clicks.

9. Get Rid of Any Interference

Any objects or appliances that are blocking your router will have to be moved if you want to get maximum download and upload speeds. Placing metal objects around the area that your router is in will lead to a lot of interference. While it may be a hassle to move these items, it will pay off when you are able to game at higher speeds.

10. Reboot Your Router Regularly

Nearly 80% of the tech support calls related to slow routers are fixed with a simple reboot. This is why you need to reboot your router on a regular basis. Performing this task once a month will help to keep your router running efficiently.

In some cases, ongoing wireless internet issues can only be fixed with new equipment. Allowing your internet service provider to inspect your existing router is essential when trying to figure out if it needs to be replaced.

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