#TomorrowStartsHere Launched by Cisco to Connect the world to ‘The Internet of Everything’

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#TomorrowStartsHere Launched by Cisco to Connect the world to ‘The Internet of Everything’

#TomorrowStartsHere Launched by Cisco to Connect the world to ‘The Internet of Everything’

What is #TomorrowStartsHere? You might not have heard of the new Twitter hashtag launched by Cisco, but they intend to change the world with it. The Internet of Everything is a bold new program launched by IT tech corporation Cisco with the intent of connecting everything to the internet. And by everything, the company means trees, water, houses, and well… everything.

#TomorrowStartsHere Internet of Everything

The Internet of Everything

Imagine a world where everything is connected, everything able to communicate, show data, and therefore have an actual impact. Where scientists could see everything about a tree, or a car could begin to slow down seconds before the stoplight turns red. The Internet of Everything is that world, a world where everything is connected to the internet.

Currently less than 1% of all physical things are connected, that’s more than 99% of things that aren’t connected, and experts at Cisco propose ‘what if’, what if we could connect just 10% of living things. What changes would that make?

#TomorrowStartsHere is the beginning of that change, the moving of the internet into the Internet of Everything.  In the past 10 years alone, the internet has evolved from only 591 million users, to some 2.27 billion users, and an estimated nearly 8 to 9 people join the internet per second. And still, only 33% of the world’s population actually use the internet. With the advent of mobile smartphones and tablets, most people remain connected 24 hours a day, something that wasn’t even possible 15 years ago.

What Does it All Mean?

The changes to the internet proposed by Cisco, and Cisco Chairman and CEO John Chambers are not just the ability to connect to more devices. Cisco was part of the first internet revolution, the first to connect 500 million devices to the internet, and in fact, their job is to provide networking software and management, mostly to businesses.

#TomorrowStartsHere is part of their campaign to connect more devices, more software, and more physical objects using technology we already have. Sensors, computers, augmented reality apps, and more are all part of the changes.

Cisco currently defines the internet as ‘The Internet of Things’ where individual things are connected, individual people connected, and their capabilities being the measure of what is possible. The ‘Internet of Everything’ started with ‘#TomorrowStartsHere’ is an internet that would bring together thoughts, ideas, data, processes, and more, to connect and bring things and people together in a way like never before.


Partnering with City24/7, Cisco is now launching a platform in New York City to allow users to access relevant and current information about city, people, and more from anywhere. Plans are already in place to begin placing sensors to connect to nature (or even a drop of water), detect nature, and help people to control and protect nature to avoid natural disasters, prevent climate erosion and global warming, and more.

Cisco asks people to ask themselves how they prepare for the future, what happens when the unconnected becomes connected, and how a connected world would affect a business.

But how long will all of this take? No exact dates yet because technology must increase as it is allowed to increase. What we do know is that the technology is already here and the ‘Internet of Everything’ is not very far away. As daunting as it may seem, the Internet of Everything is almost as close to reality as ‘A Day Made of Glass’, and is just as possible, just as likely to be present within the next few generations.

Download the Cisco App for Android or iOS and use it to view augmented reality with real life objects. Bring newspapers to life, see new and amazing features in videos, and use your camera to view some of the world in a different light.



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