Samsung Galaxy Mini Release & Price Announced

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Samsung Galaxy Mini Release & Price Announced

Samsung Galaxy Mini Release To Be Announced

Samsung has just announced the release of their flagship phone in smaller form; the Samsung Galaxy Mini S3 will be approximately 0.8 inches smaller and will run on Android’s latest operating system, Jelly Bean.

While Samsung have not yet announced the release date for the Samsung Galaxy Mini, it is expected to be sometime soon.

Samsung Galaxy Mini

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Apple iPhone Competition?

With the screen approximately 0.8 inches smaller, the Samsung Galaxy Mini S3 is now the exact same size as the new iPhone 5 from Apple. If competition was stiff before, it is doubly so now that both makers offer the same size of screen.

The two companies have been marked arch enemies for some time, Samsung and Apple even running a long ensuing court battle over various copyright disputes. In fact, a ban from one such dispute on some of Samsung’s software has just been lifted, allowing them to sell the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and earlier this month a ban on the Samsung Galaxy Tab was also lifted. While Samsung was requested to pay fines for infringing on copyrights, they can still sell their software in most parts of the world.

Samsung Galaxy Mini S3

Despite the rumors, the Samsung Galaxy Mini will not be a Samsung Galaxy S2 Mini; Samsung has decided to shrink their flagship phone, making the S3 the candidate. Despite the obvious Apple iPhone 5 competition reasons for creating the Galaxy Mini, Samsung might have had other reasons as well. The Galaxy S3 is somewhat large for some users and creating a smaller version will make the phone more popular with people who just want an affordable smartphone with great apps.

However, the Samsung Galaxy Mini S3 does sacrifice some features in the process of losing size. The screen will have fewer pixels (800×480 as compared to the 720p on the Samsung Galaxy S3) and will also sacrifice some speed. The Galaxy S3 camera will be 5mp on the back and lower quality for the front facing camera. This is also a quality loss.

The Galaxy S3 quad core chip also sizes down to a dual core chip in the S3 mini, so a definite loss in speed and power. Last but not least, the Samsung Galaxy Mini is approximately 1 mm thicker.

On the other hand the new Samsung S3 Mini only weights 115 grams, making it one of the lightest phones on the market and almost 20 grams lighter than the larger phone. The downside, it’s more prone to flex than the normal sized S3. 1.5.

The mini Samsung will come with NFC for S-Beam and Android-Beam and of course, the latest Android operating system but the specs don’t quite match up to those of the full sized Samsung Galaxy S3. It’s more of a cross between the S2 and the Advance.

Samsung Mini Will Have Better Sales

Despite the popularity of Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S3, experts believe that the S3 Mini was an excellent marketing option. While the large screen on the S3 Galaxy does market well to gamers and especially younger people who will use their phone frequently, it’s just too big to be convenient for dropping in your pocket or using without anyone noticing.

The S3 mini opens the Samsung Galaxy S3 up to a new market, meaning that Samsung could see increased sales and revenue despite having less power and resolution.

And with the high sales of the iPhone 5, Samsung may have been thinking it was time to cut down on their large phones size in an attempt to get in on those sales.

The Samsung Galaxy Mini is the same size as the iPhone 5 which brings it into the market for a 4 inch phone. Despite the fact that it has significantly less power and resolution than the iPhone 5, if the price is right and it is marketed as an affordable option to the more powerful phone, Samsung could have another very popular phone on their hands.

The price in the UK was announced at 269 British Sterling Pounds on for the 8GB  model.  Since the phone is priced at 520 GPB, it’s about a reduction in price by half. If the statistics stay the same in the U.S., Samsung will probably be selling a lot of these devices.

What do you think? Is the Samsung Galaxy Mini S3 a great new product? Or should we be looking forward to the next lawsuit from Apple?

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