Register To Vote Online – And Other Ways to Speed up Voting

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Register To Vote Online – And Other Ways to Speed up Voting

Register To Vote Online – And Other Ways to Speed up Voting

As you may, or may not, have heard, you can now register to vote online in some states. You can even register to vote on Facebook in Washington through their official, Voter Registration App. As you may or not know, voting is important for everyone, even if you don’t especially like politics, or the politicians.

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Why Should I Vote?

A vote gives you the voice to help decide who is in charge of this country, and even if you aren’t entirely sure, you can research, make informed decisions and then cast your ballot. It’s what America is all about, and from the Revolutionary War of the 1700’s, the Civil War of the 1800’s, to the Women’s Rights Movements of the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, America is all about freedom. It’s your responsibility and your privilege to vote.

Register to Vote Online

Several states allow options for voters to register to vote online, most notably California, Washington, Texas, and several other states. You can also request voter registration slips online from many government sites, or can request them at a voting site and mail them in. Absentee voters who want to register to vote online can follow local state procedures which usually allow you to register to vote online, allow a vote by proxy, or even vote online while you are away. Click here to register to vote online in California.

Vote Via Mail

Postal voting, or voting via mail, is a process where voters can register to vote and then have a ballot mailed to them. From there, they can simply fill out the ballot and mail it back to successfully vote by mail. This process began after men and women in the U.S. military couldn’t vote because they were elsewhere, thus allowing a mailed in, absentee vote. The same process is also used for Astronauts (via online or telephone voting), and for citizens as well in some states including Washington, Oregon and California so long as they are already registered to vote.

Hurricane Sandy Victims Can Vote Online

Hurricane Sandy victims in New York, Manhattan, New Jersey and other affected areas can now vote via email and snail mail. The victims of the storm will be able to vote via email, but must also send in paper copies of their ballots. This is the same legislative voting law that applies to overseas voters, including those in the military and on vacation. People who choose to vote online will receive paper instructions in the mail where they can then fill out an email form and mail in the ballot in order to ensure it arrives on time. For security purposes, the paper ballot will also be required.

The Future of Online Voting

While you can mostly only register to vote online, online voting will be a very real possibility within the next few years. As internet security measures advance, online voting polls will increase, mostly in an attempt to increase voters. Only about 133.1 million people voted in 2008, although higher than the counted votes in 2004, still much below what it should be. Estimates show that there are over 277 million people in the United States who are eligible to vote, yet more than half of those do not. Early polls show that many people would be more willing to vote if they didn’t have to stand in lines, drive somewhere, or take time off from work or their personal life to cast their vote. Because of this, online voting is sure to become the future of voting, as soon as security measures strong enough to protect it from hacking are developed.

Have you voted yet? Know if you’re eligible to vote? is a handy website that can help you out, and even let you know where you can vote.

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