Playstation Hack Involves Lv0 Keys Made Free By Hacker Group

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Playstation Hack Involves Lv0 Keys Made Free By Hacker Group

Playstation Hack Involves Lv0 Keys Made Free By Hacker Group

If you’ve listened to the news anytime in the last year then you know that it’s nothing new to hear about another Playstation hack. But now it seems that Playstation has been given an exploit they have no way to fix.

playstation hack LVO keys

Playstation consoles are often hacked or jailbroken to allow them to be used for other purposes, including as supercomputers when wired into a network, (check out the Condor Cluster by the U.S. Airforce) but are most frequently hacked to allow users to access free games. Other times, a Playstation hack means a group or individual is trying to steal information. This time, the Playstation hack involves the keys to the mainframe of the software, meaning that hackers can modify their PS3 at will and still go online with the Playstation network.

Sony LVO Keys Stolen

Hacker group ‘The Three Musketeers’ claims to have acquired the LVO keys some time ago, keeping them private until now. They claim that a Chinese hacker group (BlueDiskCFW) recently acquired the keys and was intending to sell them for profit. The Three Musketeers responded by making the Lv0 keys available for free on the internet, which means that anyone can access them.

How the Three Musketeers acquired the keys is not yet clear, although it could have happened during the major 2011Playstation hack, or the one more recently, in August.

What Are LVO Keys

Sony uses Lv0 decryption keys to control the firmware that runs the system. By stealing the Lv0 keys, The Three Musketeers have successfully hacked PS3 in a way that will circumvent any Playstation patches. In order to get around the keys, they will have to install completely new firmware with new keys, hopefully this time kept more secure.

The Lv0 Keys are used to decrypt information sent to a Playstation console by Sony. With the keys, hackers can decrypt this information almost effortlessly, meaning that they can modify, access the Playstation Network and probably play whatever games they like for free as well.

After the Playstation hack, a PSN-authentication key was made available to the public, meaning that users can authorize their hacked or jailbroken PS3.

Sony Lawsuit Thrown Out of Court

Recently, the mass lawsuit against Sony following the 2011 Playstation hack was thrown out of court by Judge Battaglia from Southern California. The suit was based on the fact that Sony did not do enough to protect their data, and that the Playstation hack endangered the information of millions. Battaglia threw the case out, pointing to the clause in the user agreement (see you should read those things) where Sony had already explained that there is no such thing as perfect security and that they were not responsible for a breach.

Playstation Hack ‘Master Keys’ to Doom PS3

Many gamers and experts are already saying that the Playstation hack will doom the PS3 to pirated content, but Sony probably isn’t worried. While they might lose money for a while, they can still release the new PS4, or even update PS3 firmware and then change the Lv0 codes. The ‘Master keys’ might be necessary for the current working of the PS3, but since the hack, Sony is sure to be looking for a way around the problem.

Things Other People Got Wrong

If you look this bit of information up online, more than half of the posts about the Three Musketeers will say ‘The Three Tusketeers’ this originated as a typographical error and has since spread as lazy journalists didn’t bother to do any research. If you see ‘The Three Tusketeers’ anywhere, abandon ship and visit the High Tech Society instead.


So What Are The LVO Keys

If you’re not accustomed to working with coding, this will look like gibberish to you, otherwise, this is the working version of the Lv0 keys posted online.

[erk=CA7A24EC38BDB45B98CCD7D363EA2AF0C326E65081E0630CB9AB2D215865878A]    |

| – [riv=F9205F46F6021697E670F13DFA726212]                                    |

| – [pub=A8FD6DB24532D094EFA08CB41C9A72287D905C6B27B42BE4AB925AAF4AFFF34D     |

|        41EEB54DD128700D]                                                    |

| – [priv=001AD976FCDE86F5B8FF3E63EF3A7F94E861975BA3]                         |

| – [ctype=33]


It’s important to understand that while many people will use encryption keys to modify their PS3 for good reasons (such as turning it into a supercomputer), others will use it to steal data and games. Stealing or piracy is frowned upon in all shapes and forms, and it’s highly likely that anyone using the Lv0 keys to pirate games might eventually face a lawsuit when Sony straightens the mess out.

Use at your own risk and remember that if you love a game, paying for it keeps the studio in business to make a new game.

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