New Microsoft Surface Tablets Rumored for 2013

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New Microsoft Surface Tablets Rumored for 2013

New Microsoft Surface Tablets Rumored for 2013

by Brandy Cross

Microsoft Surface is Microsoft’s own tablet brand, and the line could be getting a revamp as early as 2013. Three new Microsoft Surface tablets are currently expected, which will more than double the current lineup of two models, one for Windows 8 Pro, and one for Windows RT which offers a more limited user experience at a lower price. The tablet currently features a 10.6 display screen with 16:2 aspect ratio, and a keyboard touch cover that is one of its largest marketing features. Currently the new Microsoft Surface tablets are only a rumor, but considering their source, might just be the next biggest thing in Microsoft Surface news.

new microsoft surface tablet

new microsoft surface tablet

@MS_Nerd Tweets Another Microsoft Leak

The twitter user @MS_nerd has been a reliable source of Microsoft leaks in the past via his Twitter and now defunct Tumblr which went offline in March of 2012. While no one knows who MS Nerd is, he has successfully updated followers on information in the past, including the abandoned Microsoft Courier project, which leads us to believe he is a Microsoft employee. Recent ‘leaks’ include that the Xbox 720 will be smaller, lighter, cheaper, and perhaps run on Windows 9 (Perhaps the now rumored Windows Blue), and that three new Surface tablets will become part of the 2013 Surface lineup. MS_Nerd uses a protected Twitter channel, meaning that only approved followers can see his tweets.

The Rumored New Microsoft Surface Tablets

According to @ms_nerd, three new Microsoft Surface tablets will be released in 2013, including a new RT model with a different core, and a possible ‘Surface Book’ with a larger display. While Microsoft has not yet spoken about the leak, the new Microsoft Surface rumors look pretty realistic and believable.

Windows RT 2

– The new Microsoft Surface RT is said to feature the same ARM based processors, but run on a different chip. The built in NVIDIA Tegra 3 chip will be replaced with a Qualcomm processor. Rumors also indicate that the 10.6” display might be sized down to a mere 8.6”, only slightly larger than the popular Kindle Fire or Kindle Fire HD, but larger than the current 6.81 inch model that is now available.

Surface Pro 2

– The new Microsoft Surface Pro is said to feature an 11.6” display with an AMD “Temash” APU (which has not yet been released), in favor of its current Intel Core i5 CPU. The result would be less power, but more battery life. The Microsoft Surface Pro has been criticized in the past for having short battery life, and the chip change could be the thing to fix it.

New Microsoft Surface Tablet 

The new Microsoft Surface tablet rumor also includes the leaked release of a completely new Surface rather than a second generation version. The ‘Surface book’ as it is being called so far is said to offer users a much larger screen at 14.6” (larger than many Acer netbooks which feature an 11.2” screen), and  an Intel 22nm “Haswell” chip, which will move the new Microsoft Surface tablet into the top ring for technology. Haswell is currently the ‘successor’ for  Ivy Bridge processors. Microsoft may be trying to catch a market from both PC and tablet users, effectively combining the slim portability of the tablet with the PC, but in this case, the ‘Surface Book’ is more like a ‘Surface Laptop’.

The new Surface release rumors have not yet been confirmed by Microsoft and despite the fact that they come from a reliable source, might not all be true. Microsoft still has time to dump, change, or even abandon projects as they have shown a willingness to do in the past. A price list and any other new Surface features have not yet been released.

The Surface Tablet

Microsoft surface has been widely embraced as a generally affordable tablet with a variety of features and functions, including the ability to run the same programs and information as a new Windows 8 computer.  Surface RT has received a similar amount of purchases, but less love due to its more limited features. However, both models have been profitable for Microsoft, with sales generally fair, and reviews from sources such as Wired and TechCrunch giving mostly good reviews.

Others claim that the Surface is too cheap, or that it features a ‘Good design but poor software’, mostly due to either RT or Windows 8 critics. Some have spoken that the Surface is too complicated, but most consumers have reported themselves as being happy with the device.

And the source of the rumors, MS_nerd, has been known to be wrong in the past. While he successfully predicted most of the Nokia Lumia 920’s features, he was wrong about a few details. However, he has also successfully predicted a range of technology including Windows 7 Phone, accurate Nokia Lumia 920 features, and the Courier tablet. Unless changes are made to Microsofts plans, we can probably expect to see all three new Microsoft Surface tablets next year, but specifications might not be exactly as leaked.

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