Linux Phone With Ubuntu OS Now Available for Download

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Linux Phone With Ubuntu OS Now Available for Download

Linux Phone Adaption Made Possible by Maker Ubuntu

by Brandy Cross

Want a Linux phone? Ubuntu has now released a download file that can be used to put Linux on Android, but maybe not quite in the way that users might think. Similar to the Windows 8 being a cross PC and mobile OS, the Linux mobile OS is actually the same as the dedicated computer system, allowing users to run actual computer apps, and use the mobile as a computer when connected to a monitor.  Ubuntu suggests that the Linux mobile OS will be available starting January 8 to 11 depending on your location.

Linux Phone

Computer on a Mobile Device

One of the major features of the Linux phone OS is that it offers the power of a full computer on a phone. While Microsoft has already taken the leap with Windows 8 to create a PC/Mobile crossover, their platform is significantly different from what Linux has done, which is to literally create a Linux computer OS for phones.  Analysts do suggest that most mobile users don’t actually want a full computer powering their mobile, but Ubuntu founder Mark Shuttleworth talks somewhat differently. After admitting that it would ‘at first’ be only for hobbyists and enthusiasts, he goes on to say, “

“It’s quite incredible that we’re at this point when the power of the phone is crossing over that with baseline processing power of basic laptops,. We’re taking advantage of that so for the first time in history you have the full consumer PC platform available on a phone. I’m very confident if we look ahead over the next three to five years that’s a transition that Apple is going to have to make… and if it’s not Windows 9 it will be Windows 10 that will see Microsoft bring its phone and laptop together into one device. It’s really cracking to do that ahead of everyone else.” Shuttleworth was interviewed by the BBC the day following the announcement of the Ubuntu release, where he basically said that a computer/mobile OS is literally the future of the mobile market. And the lean of technology does tend to agree with him, users are becoming more demanding of their mobile devices, and with tablets and phones being used for work, the ability to work on a computer from a phone could be limitless in value.

What is Linux Ubuntu

Ubuntu is currently the most powerful Linux based computer on the market, produced by Canonical and founded by Mark Shuttleworth. The system is known for being clean in appearance, fast, reliable, and is actually already installed on some 20 million PC’s. Linux Ubuntu can be downloaded for free and installed at will to replace a Mac or Windows operating system, and can now be installed on an Android phone as well.  And with the new Linux Android phone, users will literally be able to plug their handset into a keyboard, mouse, and monitor to have a fully working Linux computer, essentially offering ultimate mobility for users. The Linux OS for Galaxy Nexus phones will be released by February, and Ubuntu now plans to release a dedicated phone with Linux pre-installed by the end of 2014.

Linux Phone Features

Linux Phone dockUbuntu’s Linux phone from company Canonical will feature a dedicated app store featuring the more than 45,000 native apps already available for the system.  The Linux Ubuntu phone will also feature dedicated voice control using HUD (Head Up Display), complete user customization (meaning that you can change literally everything about the phone or the apps to suit your mood, your brand, or your style. Apps include office, web browsing, email, media, messaging, contacts, calendars, photo galleries and music that can be accessed from both the phone and the desktop interface. SMS texts arrive on your desktop if you are docked, and calls are handled like VoIP, meaning that you won’t have to use a traditional phone subscription if you don’t want to.

While not everyone will instantly adopt the Linux phone, it will certainly be something worth getting for many people. With the ability to carry a PC in your pocket, to effortlessly connect at home and at work, and to take advantage of the power of a desktop wherever you are, many people will definitely be interested. The only real downfall is that currently most phones have significantly less data storage than computers, but with the quick rise of cloud storage, that won’t likely be a problem for long.


Update: 2/19/2013: Canonical announced that the Ubuntu mobile operating system will be available for Google Nexus and Nexus 4 on February 21st. Canonical will also be attending the Mobile World Congress where they will be installing Linux on developer mobile phones and hopefully announcing a full tablet optimized version of Linux Mobile. More Updates to Follow.

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