Google Games From OnLive Now on G2 LG TV’s

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Google Games From OnLive Now on G2 LG TV’s

Google Games Come to G2 LG TV’s

Google gaming fans looking for a new TV might be interested in choosing an LG G2 for its new Google features. Google’s recent contract with OnLive and LG has paved the way for new built in features, including Google Games on the LG G2. Users already streaming Google TV via an LG TV will get an instant update, and the software is expected to be standard on future TV’s.  This was all announced at the E3 event earlier this year.

Onlive Google Games LG Streaming

Google Games via OnLive

Google’s game streaming platform, OnLive, gives users the ability to stream and play games from a cloud server, rather than using a dedicated server or downloads. The result is that gamers have access to any games they like, minus the need to rent physical copies of games, or to purchase them. Currently, it offers a similar service to Netflix except for games, and costs about $9.99 a month for nearly unlimited cloud gaming. OnLive was sold earlier this year to a venture capital firm, after being believed to be more than 18 million in debt. The company’s situation is similar to the poor situation that Netflix currently faces, perhaps as a result of pirated music and games still massively affecting the market.

OnLive games give users access to cloud based games that are playable on iOS, Windows, and mobile devices.  Beta features include some that are very similar to the Playstation Network, allowing users to check up on friend’s progress, or new features that allow you to see from a friends perspective during a co-opt game.

Google Games Now Integrated With LG TV

OnLive released a press release late on November 15th, announcing that they had just signed a deal to integrate Google games with LG TV G2 models. Users who had already installed Google TV were delivered the content via a live update where they can now access live Google games via the ‘paid apps’ interface on the Google TV. Future models of the G2 TV will come with Google games built in via OnLive, meaning that while a purchase is still required to play the games, users can instantly stream and play their favorite cloud games without the need for an update or external permissions.

Gamers will be able to demo games before purchase, play them online and with friends, and then record ‘Brag Clips’ to share with friends.

External Controller Required

While the gaming feature might be built in for new Google TV’s, potential gamers will still be required to make an additional purchase of a Wireless OnLive game controller if they actually want to play the games. LG is currently making TV’s with both Google Games, and competitor product games. They are also the first smartTV maker to feature Google Games as a built in service.

The new Google gaming features built into TV’s brings about the question of the future of smartTVs. The Smart TV now features paid subscription gaming, subscription movies, television shows, and even internet access. While the computer is still necessary for now, it appears that the eventual future of the TV is to be merged with the computer, or to eventually feature its own mobile software.

What do you think? Do you own an LG TV? If so, did you receive the Google games update via OnLive? If so, what do you think? Is it worth the purchase of the controller, or will you be leaving it for now? Compared to the expense of purchasing individual games, or a game station such as the Playstation or Xbox 360 for your TV, the OnLive Google Gaming platform is much cheaper, and more convenient for most. However, only time will tell if it is as successful as Google is apparently hoping.

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